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MedReps Recap: What You Need to Know about Pharma & Social Media

Every month, MedReps brings you the top news in pharma and medical devices you need to know to be successful in your medical sales job. These articles highlight the latest trends, to help you stay up-to-date and on top of your game. Stay tuned to the MedReps blog, as we discuss these topics in detail.Medical-Sales-News

  • Digital Marketing Strategies Changing Pharma Sales Models: A recent report finds that as patients learn more about healthcare and spend more time with digital media, pharmaceutical companies are changing their sales models. Instead of sending one rep to an office, more companies are sending teams to talk about their products in a more scientific, educational way. Read more.
  • Senate Committee Passes Med Tech Regulatory Reforms, Expands Expedited Review Pathway: Senators made unexpected progress on regulatory reform that will help patients access the most innovative medical devices faster. Three bills related to med tech were passed by the committee and could have a huge impact on how new products are reviewed and approved for patient use. Read more.

  • Device Makers Need to Prepare for Move to Increased Outpatient Procedures: In an effort to reduce healthcare costs, more procedures are being moved to an outpatient surgical setting, according to a new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield. What’s more, the data shows that outpatient procedures can save money for patients. To prepare for this increase, medical device companies need to develop relationships with ambulatory surgeons. Read more.

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google Execs Examine Regulatory Limits for Drugmakers: How much can pharmaceutical companies interact with patients on social media? Where’s the fine line? At the annual ePharma conference in New York City, executives from major tech companies discussed how pharma can keep up with social media and FDA regulations. Read more.

  • Providers, Devicemakers Lag in IT Defense: Are medical device companies doing enough to defend new technology and innovations? Or should patients be more cautious to protect their privacy and personal data? Here’s the recent state of medical devices and patient privacy concerns.Read more.

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