Breaking the Mold: A Unique Look at Our Medical Sales Community

Medical and pharmaceutical sales do not fit into one generic mold — and neither should their sales representatives. At MedReps, each member stands out with their own unique combination of experience, specialties, and job search interests.

This year, our community of sales representatives gave us an exclusive look inside their work-lives, and we’re excited to share this perspective of their careers with you.

  • MedReps is just brimming with experience. In fact, 78% percent of members who responded to our survey have experience in medical or pharmaceutical sales, or marketing, and 62% have B2B experience.
  • Our members are passionate about various specialties and roles. The majority of those with medical sales experience are in a medical device role (66%), and the most common job title is field sales (70%).
  • Experience in the field doesn’t stop with medical or pharmaceutical sales. In fact, the majority of those with B2B experience are also in field sales (50%).
  • Over half of our members (53%) are employed in a related field — either medical or pharmaceutical sales (46%) or non-medical B2B sales (7%).

Even though our members are currently employed, many are open to new opportunities. Some are looking to increase their income while others are experiencing instability in their current company. No matter the reason, it’s crucial you know what they want in an employer and you’re ready to recruit the most talented reps in the business for your roles. Your unique employer brand combined with our 17 years of experience, makes up the perfect recruiting team.

Check out our infographic below to find out more about our talented members.


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