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Medical Sales Reps are Happy in Current Roles — Here’s How to Recruit Them

Pexels: BruceMars

Medical sales reps have spoken in our 2019 MedReps Best Places to Work report. The verdict? They’re incredibly satisfied right where they’re at. An overwhelming 80 percent of respondents reported being very (58 percent) or somewhat (22 percent) satisfied in their current position.

This is great news for employers’ retention rates. However, with the majority of reps happy at their companies and 73 percent of candidates listed as passive job seekers, according to a Talentnow report, medical sales recruiters’ jobs are more challenging than ever.

Now, they’re tasked with luring satisfied reps away from their current companies. This task isn’t impossible. With the right mindset, medical sales recruiters can bring top talent to their company — no matter how much reps loved their previous job.

Here’s how you can kickstart the process:

Let them see how they’ll be the difference  

This year in our Best Places to Work report, one of the most common answers to “What is the best part of your job?” was “making a difference.” Countless tutorials help job seekers prove they can do just that.

However, too often that focus remains specifically on the job seeker. Now, the tables are turning. Medical sales reps need to know they can make a world of difference for your customers and their patients. As part of your team, their skillset and personal connections are what will change the course of care for the foreseeable future.

Give medical sales candidates the opportunity to experience the changes they can make. When possible, take a candidate into the field to directly meet with a customer. They’ll have the chance to connect and hear straight from a doctor or office staff how a product is impacting their patients’ lives.

Show off that product line

Medical sales reps need to know you have a product worth selling. Beyond that, they want to know your product can stand the test of time and continue to grow in the future. That’s why 41 percent in our report said one of the most important qualities in an employer is a solid product line.

Reps may be satisfied in their current roles, but there’s always room for inspiration. Recruiters need to nurture a deep connection between a rep and a product line. This can’t be done without a bit of legwork.

Research what a candidate loves about their current product and the medical sales industry, in general. Look at their social channels and assess the type of content they’re posting. Do they appear to love new and exciting innovations or are they more focused on patient care?

If they’re involved in discussion groups, join the conversation. Making time to add your personal opinions shows your dedication. This sets you up for further conversation about your company’s product offerings. Even better, you’ll know exactly how to direct your chats about products thanks to your handy detective work.

Give them a glimpse into your reps’ lives

It’s no secret that medical sales reps are dedicated to their jobs. They prioritize customers and their patients’ lives above nearly all else.

However, those successful reps also recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

In fact, 82 percent of the respondents in our report prioritize companies that encourage work-life balance. The happiest medical sales reps understand the value of an improved balance.

So, you must show them how it’s currently a successful initiative and priority with your company’s sales team. Give current sales reps the opportunity to prove your case. Ask them to sit for short, hot seat style interviews where they answer questions about their day.

It’s important to not focus on the specifics of their work day. Ask questions that reveal the company’s flexibility. For example, a working parent starts their day from home, so they’re there to put their child on the school bus. Then, they arrive at work ready to continue their day.

Tiny details, like these, are what will help connect reps to your employee-centric atmosphere. Using video gives them an even more personalized view of your team, their personality, and how they keep work-life balance throughout their day.

How do you attract satisfied sales reps away from their current employers? Share your secrets with us!