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Help Medical Sales Reps Feel Their Efforts Are Good Enough

There’s always a new goal to hit. Your dedicated medical sales reps keep pushing from one accomplishment to the next. Due to this fast pace, at some point, many will feel their efforts aren’t good enough because there’s little time for them to revel in their accomplishments. 

“Sure, I hit this month’s goals. But because I achieved such a high close rate, next month’s will only go up.” This is just one of the poisonous dialogues potentially roaming through your sales office halls. 

Constantly pushing toward new-and-improved goals is ‘a given’ in the sales industry. However, that pressure has the potential to leave medical sales reps feeling underappreciated and burnt out. As a leader, you must help your team move beyond the whirlwind of “more demands.” Ensuring your sales reps feel their efforts aren’t just noticed but are enough will make them even more dedicated to your team.  

Here’s how you can make your reps feel their constant efforts really are good enough: 

Set reps up for daily wins

Frequently being on the road gives reps an inordinate amount of time to get inside their own heads. They’re analyzing how close they are to end-of-quarter goals, how many new clients they’ve met with, and worrying if they’re doing enough to meet end-of-year goals. 

Of course, these much larger goals are important. But your team needs to feel the satisfaction of accomplishment on a daily basis. Set smaller daily goals to help reps feel they’re constantly hitting milestones. Use a project management system that allows them the satisfaction of checking off tasks for a sense of completion. 

Additionally, you can occasionally schedule fun tasks to lighten the load and reward reps for their work throughout the week. For example, set a surprise task on a Friday that requires reps to take off early to go out and do something non-work related they enjoy. They’ll have a moment to reset, while feeling acknowledged for their accomplishments that week. 

Award the wins

The majority of medical sales reps are accomplishing wins every day. Whether they’re fully closing a deal or are just getting their foot in the door with a new potential customer, they’re taking steps toward future success. 

Unfortunately, a recent daVinci Payments report found half of Gen Zers and millennials feel management doesn’t recognize them for strong job performance. A lack of recognition makes employees feel invisible, which increases dissatisfaction and lowers retention. 

Show employees their weekly performance positively impacts the company. Celebrate the company-wide effect of both big and small wins. Also, encourage your team to join in on recognizing their co-workers’ efforts. This embeds recognition into the company culture. 

Give them the autonomy to step away 

You trust your medical sales reps to, ultimately, represent your entire company. They’re entrusted with hitting goals and meeting customers on a daily basis. 

Don’t let your trust end here. Give your team the autonomy to step away when needed with no explanation. The constant push and pull of sales can make your employees feel stuck. They need the power to rejuvenate themselves when long days of little progress start to wear them down. 

Not needing to inform you of these breaks decreases feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Their newfound sense of empowerment makes them feel encouraged to tackle their to-do lists with a renewed vigor.