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Want to be a Medical Sales Rep? Take This Quiz to Find Your Specialty

Medical sales reps should understand non-verbal cues, be confident, give customers their full attention, etc. etc. etc. You’ve heard this all before. 

Chances are, you already know everything about entry-level medical sales jobs. But snatching a position as a medical sales rep at an awesome company also requires you to know what you’re looking for. 

“Jobs for medical sales reps” is a HUGE umbrella. There’s medical equipment sales, surgical sales, and lots more! 

The key to success is finding which of these specialties best fits YOU: your personality, background, and ways of handling difficult situations. 

Now, you could jump from job posting to job posting and spend an hour diving into a search engine to figure out which role would best suit you. Or you could save time, and start with our quiz. While far from all-encompassing, it’ll set you on the right track by giving you a basic understanding of where you might fit best. 

Let’s get started and discover which medical sales rep job would help you shine: