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Understanding the Strengths of Your Farmer Sales Style

As a medical sales rep, how do you picture yourself in your role? Are you someone who pushes for big accounts, quickly closes deals, and has a long list of customer leads? Do you move from one deal to the next? If so, you’re thinking of a hunter. 

Now, ask yourself: Does this describe your natural personality? Or do you relate more to the salesperson who builds longer-lasting relationships with a smaller customer base? 

If you’re the latter, you’re probably a farmer. Farmers possess qualities that make them extremely effective in sales roles. They specialize in building long-lasting customers and multi-year deals. 

Here’s how you can highlight your best farmer sales style qualities in your next medical sales interview:

Show the value in small customer numbers

Smaller customer bases = the opportunity for deeper relationships and repeat business. Talk about specific accounts that you were able to upsell and retain year after year. What did you do that kept them coming back? A reliable, returning customer base translates into guaranteed revenue for the company. 

As a farmer, you focus your attention on the customers you know instead of spending time chasing new leads. When customers come to know you, they come to trust you. When they trust you, they buy from you. You’re cultivating relationships to later reap the rewards.

Discuss what you love about working with a team

Working well with a team and relying on a team are two different concepts. During the medical sales interview, show recruiters that you are capable of collaborating with colleagues and also functioning independently. Share a few best practices about how working on a team can lead to idea sharing and personal growth. 

For example, mention that you love brainstorming with colleagues around how to overcome customer objections. Then, offer stories about how you tried the tactics out in the field and modified as needed for your specific customer base.

Promote your listening skills as a problem-solving tactic

Medical sales success requires problem-solving. Understanding problems requires a strong ability to listen and respond. Customers need to feel understood and valued. When they feel heard, they trust you to provide the best solution or product. 

Prepare a specific example of how your strong listening skills have worked to solve a problem for customers. And how that translated into quantifiable success in medical sales. 

Share how you assess customer needs

You need to do the heavy lifting for your customers. Understand their needs and acknowledge them. As a farmer, your strength lies in your ability to recognize and understand a need. You do not quickly write them off during the first meeting and move on. 

Share how you can assess customer needs when they’re not immediately obvious. Walk through how you get from planting the idea of a solution to seeing the fruits of your labor: a closed sale. Be as specific as possible during your medical sales interview, and come prepared with a plan on how you will excel in this role for the next 30, 60, and 90 days. 

Being a farmer empowers you to bring longevity to your customer base. Highlight your strengths during your medical sales interview to translate your natural tendencies into sales success.