Medical Sales: A Customer’s Crisis is Your Opportunity
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Medical Sales: A Customer’s Crisis is Your Opportunity

What happens when a customer crisis occurs? Do you hop to it and take care of their problem or do you wait to see if their current supplier can come through? The answer to this question, if you’re a good medical salesperson, is to jump at the opportunity and take care of the problem by solving the crisis in any ethical way you can.

This shows your clients you’re dependable, as well as able to move quickly in case of an emergency. They can count on you and as a result, you’ll get more business from them.

Want to know how to swoop in as a superhero medical sales rep in a time of crisis? Read on to learn more, including how to tactfully take advantage of these opportunities.

Customer Crisis Opportunities

The first step to taking advantage of these crisis situations is having a solid understanding of what a customer crisis opportunity is. These crises come about in a number of different ways.

For example, if a surgeon is scheduled to perform surgery on a patient in an hour but suddenly realizes a crucial piece of equipment they need is absent, then this qualifies as a crisis that needs to be remedied in a hurry. Most likely, their usual salesperson for this equipment failed to send the purchased item on time.

Let’s say, you’re called because you have a relationship with other purchasers at this hospital. Since your company makes similar equipment, you have some on hand. You rush it over to the hospital where they officially purchase the item and use it in surgery. Essentially, you saved the surgeon from having to reschedule or perform the surgery without the needed equipment.

This kind of customer crisis happens more often than you’d think. If you’re one of the first people hospitals or clinics call when this situation occurs and you jump to help every time, then you’ll be seen as reliable. Since your reputation and your sales go hand in hand, this is a very good thing.

Taking Advantage of the Customer Crisis Opportunity

It’s normal to have mixed feelings when this type of situation occurs. On the one hand, you feel good because you’re able to save the day. On the other, you may feel a little guilty because you just made one of your colleagues look bad. Although to be fair, their oversight is also to blame. So, how you move forward while taking advantage of this situation is important.

Obviously, you want to jump in and provide the product, so go ahead and do so. But while you’re going through with the sale, make sure not to do the following:

  • Bad Mouth Your Competitor – Yes, your competitor messed up. However, this is not the time to point this out to your client. You don’t want to bad mouth your competitor in any way in front of the client. Doing so will make you look like a sore winner and not someone who they want to do business with.
  • Use the Opportunity to Make Another Sale – When you show up with the product in hand, it’s important to give it to your client and then ask if they have any questions. Be polite and professional. Do not try to make another sale from them at the same time. They know how to get ahold of you if they’re interested in other products.
  • Brag to the Client – They already know that you’re saving the day (or the procedure), so now is not the time to brag about it. If you want to share your heroic deeds for the day with someone, call your partner, spouse, friend or relative. By pointing out what you’ve done and how “good” you are, you’re making yourself seem a bit conceited and not like someone they want to do business with.

Building Client Relationships

How can you ensure you’re one of the first people your clients call when a competitor fails to come through? It’s all about relationships. The better a relationship you’ve built with your clients, the more likely they are to think of you and the products you represent when something like this happens.

Simply staying in touch with them, sending them updates about new products and emphasizing their pain points will help you build these relationships. In the end, you’ll be the one who comes through and gets the sale.

Final Thoughts on Customer Crisis Opportunities

As you can see, medical sales reps can step in when a crisis occurs and save the day, providing clients with the products they need in a pinch. This not only makes you look like a superhero, but it may also set the scene for additional purchases since you’ve proven to be that reliable rep they may have been looking for all along.