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How to Make Your Company Culture Irresistible to Medical Sales Reps

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Company culture is a living, breathing organism. It needs nurtured, fed, and groomed to reach the peak of its health. Even at its healthiest, though, company culture can’t stand out and speak to job candidates on its own. It needs passionate people to be walking-the-walk and talking-the-talk.

This important job falls on many medical sales recruiters, and this duty can’t be taken lightly. In fact, a positive corporate culture was the topmost response selected when respondents in our Best Places to Work report were asked why a company should be named a best place to work.

Making a company culture stand out to medical sales job seekers is a challenging task. They see every other company brag about what makes them the best. Their teamwork, passion for products, flexibility — it’s all wonderful. So, to truly make an impact, medical sales recruiters must find a way to make the company’s culture stand out above the rest.

Here are four unique ways you can start impressing candidates with company culture, today:

1. Empower and encourage from the first interaction

An uninspiring 16 percent of employees say they felt “connected and engaged” by employers in O.C. Tanner’s 2018 Global Culture Report. The main issue with engagement is there’s a major misconception that it begins during onboarding. True and long-lasting employee engagement actually starts during recruitment with a candidate’s connection to the company’s culture.

To empower and encourage candidates from the get-go, you must give them something to stand behind. This can’t be done by simply stating or showing the fact that you have a positive company culture. Medical sales reps need to feel immediately excited and enamored by the company’s mission and what they can do to move it forward.

In the job description, state the impact this role has on changing the lives of customers and patients. Tell candidates during interviews why you chose to learn more about their abilities and what impressed you most. As a result, you’ll create a sense of empowerment that’s directly tied to the impact of the company’s products and goals.

2. Prove action in diversity and inclusion efforts

Claiming to have a diverse company culture is nothing new or exciting. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is copied and pasted at the bottom of every company career site and just isn’t enough anymore. Top medical sales reps want to directly see what company leaders and their employees are actively doing to improve diversity and inclusion.

It’s important to acknowledge that diversity goes far beyond hiring quotas. Today’s millennial leaders are focused on altering the foundation of companies and their structures. It’s these deep, internal changes candidates want to see.

Show candidates what’s changing within the company atmosphere that enables employees from all walks of life to succeed. Discuss the importance of a company conforming to enhance the natural abilities and personalities of its employees, rather than employees fitting into company standards. It’s these seemingly small, but monumental notes that will make candidates stop in their tracks.

3. Be a living, breathing example

Whether you’re an in-house or outside hiring pro, you need to live and breathe a company’s culture. The impression you make now is how they’ll envision the company in the future.

Be the embodiment of the company’s atmosphere. For example, if the culture is lively and passionate, show that to candidates in how you present the role and yourself. Discuss your love for the team, the products, and how excited you are for the company’s future role in changing the lives of patients.

Or if the culture thrives on flexibility, give them a direct glimpse. Ask candidates to meet at a coffee shop after they’ve left their current job, even if it is well past 6 pm. These actions speak much louder than any detailed explanation in a job description or on your career site.

4. Show how the company embraces disruption

Today’s workforce leaders are constantly facing disruptions. Only strong company cultures will hold through these disruptions. And that’s what will keep quality employees in place.

Those who build cultures that embrace the manic changes will evolve the most. These are the cultures medical sales candidates are on the lookout for. They know those companies will nurture successful leaders through the challenges and will find innovative ways to rise above

Don’t be shy. Show what the company has been through in the last year or more. Then, connect the dots. What educational programs produced sales managers who took their teams to the next level through a drop in the economy? What innovative idea did a sales rep, administrative assistant, or other employee have that spurred a wave of inspiring change throughout the organization?

Give candidates this refreshing breath of honesty combined with the acts of inspiring employees. In return, they’ll see the true power behind the company culture and just how far they could go with it backing them up.

How do you make your company culture stand out? We want to know!