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5 Ways You Can Leverage Marketing Superpowers to Boost Sales

When you choose to focus your career in medical representative sales, you accept you alone are responsible for meeting your goals. On a sales call, it’s just you and the client — and in a lot of ways, you control your own success. 

One way to increase the odds of hitting your sales goals is to dip into marketing best practices. Many marketing trends overlap with sales strategies and can lead to you closing the next deal — and the one after that. You may even want to search your network and reach out to your connections in marketing to start the discussion.

To get you moving in the right direction as you wade your way into the world of marketing, we’ve pulled together some of the top marketing-specific tactics you can learn and apply to your medical representative sales strategy:

Target your niche 

Marketing Approach: Great marketing pros know who their audience is, and they find ways to gain their attention to raise brand awareness and promote sales. They don’t try to go after everyone in the marketplace. A smaller, focused approach will gain you more dedicated customers, as the probability of that group or demographic benefiting from buying the product is far greater. 

Medical Sales Lens: Know who you’re selling to and where you have the most success. Look over your pipeline and your list of closed (won) customers. Find any patterns or trends that exist in your sales numbers. Then, think about how you reach more of these clients and how you get in front of them more.

Retarget customers who are already interested

Marketing Approach: Once marketing teams identify who their target niche is and what works for them, they continue to focus on that group. If a company is advertising new computers that appeal to young gamers, they might also work to get those customers to buy related products: headphones, speciality keyboard, etc. 

Medical Sales Lens: Upselling is a huge part of medical sales. Go back to your client list and look at what they’ve previously bought. Identify newer or additional products that will also benefit them. Then, pick up the phone and let them know they came to mind whenever new product X launched, or tell them you’ve been thinking about how you can continue to help them. Leverage the relationship you already have to sell more. 

Use storytelling to tap emotions/case studies

Marketing Approach: Powerful commercials and advertisements take you on a journey. They sometimes weave a narrative that tugs at your heartstrings. Think of the little duckling who wants to go to Disneyworld after learning about Donald Duck. Or the soldier who comes home to his brand new house that he just bought his family. This emotional pull compels you to pay attention, connect with the brand, and be more inclined to buy something from them. 

Medical Sales Lens: Now, you don’t need a full crew of marketing geniuses or an expensive commercial to do something similar. You just need to focus on telling the story of your product and sales successes in a way that connects with your clients. Did your piece of equipment save a patient’s life? How was the hospital impacted positively by their buyer relationship with you? Bring this into your next conversation to pull your potential customer along with you through a narrative.


Marketing Approach: Think about the last time you were online searching for something. Did all of your ads on social media somehow turn to that product? Based upon your interest and queries, your ads will be personalized for you. 

Medical Sales Lens: Listen to your customer’s needs and tailor your pitch to be about what most interests them. Make sure it doesn’t feel stale or boxed, but instead directly addresses their questions. Your customer won’t feel like they’re being sold to. They’ll feel as though they’re troubleshooting with a thought partner, which will increase your odds for success.

Partner with influencers

Marketing Approach: Marketing companies will pay big money to have a celebrity endorsement or spokesperson. Think of Jeff Goldblum for or Shaq with The General Car Insurance. These celebrities are influencers. By partnering with these famous faces, companies hope to attract their fanbase and encourage them to buy their product all because of their love of Jurassic Park’s famous doctor. 

Sales Lens: You might not know any celebrities, but that’s okay. Your network (of both customers and professional connections) is more powerful than you think. Begin with your customer base. Who can you leverage for a medical representative sales referral? 

Referrals are a great way to open doors and start conversations. Also, think of your professional colleagues. This inner circle can introduce you to their circles. They might know someone at the hospital you’ve been trying to get into. Leverage those relationships to get the opportunity to make your pitch.

Stepping outside of your medical representative sales state of mind and pulling in these marketing strategies can change the way you look at your network, the deals you’re chasing, and the way you’re attracting new leads.