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Ready, Set, Job Search: The 2021 Fall Outlook

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 2021 has been a slow rebound year for many industries. While we’d like to report the challenges brought on by the global pandemic are behind us, new variants of the virus continue to keep many offices closed. But mask-wearing and social distancing have not upset the job market in the devastating ways many may have predicted. 

Employment rose by 235,000 in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Unemployment decreased to 5.2% while job opportunities have increased. In fact, so far this year, monthly job growth has averaged 586,000 according to recent BLS data.

Ultimately, the job market is slowly edging along, and job seekers should be able to find success in landing new jobs by sticking to the basics. While it’s a job seekers market, it’s important to acknowledge competition is still steep. In fact, BLS data shows the number of reentrants to the labor force increased by 200,000 in August.

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One of the key trends that seems likely to continue to change the course of the job search is the shift to virtual recruiting. Whether you’re just entering the job market or have been on the hunt for some time, you need to be sure you stand out to recruiters.

Personal Branding: Make sure your personal brand is updated and consistent across social media. You want your personal brand to tell your professional story. When reviewing your brand messaging, determine if your social accounts reveal important details about your personality, what value you offer others, and what about you is unique from other professionals like you.

You also want to maintain a presence on your social accounts. Share valuable industry content regularly and continue to build your digital portfolio.

Networking: Connect with recruiters as you build your networking relationships. Make it easy for recruiters to know you’re looking for new opportunities by updating your “Open to” status on LinkedIn and using relevant job search hashtags on Instagram.

You can also join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and engage on job and industry topic posts. Above all, be sure you’re ready to respond to interested recruiters quickly by keeping your resume updated. 

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Employee Referrals: While networking in sales, work toward earning referrals in your industry. Brush up on your communication skills and strive to provide mutual benefit for current and future co-workers. Referrals from current sales reps get you in front of hiring decision-makers faster. In fact, according to the 2020 Employee Referral Benchmark Report from Drafted, 88% of employers say referrals are their most effective way to hire.

Finally, you need to appropriately follow up with the recruiters and current reps you network with to make a positive impression. Ultimately, there are plenty of job opportunities available and recruiters need to sort the cream to the top when it comes to sourcing the best candidates. By making a strong impression both directly and indirectly through your online interactions, you can make the most of the shift to virtual recruiting and career success.

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