Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Introducing a Tested Solution to Finding A Medical Sales Career


During your last job search, how many career sites and job boards did you visit? How alone or overwhelmed did you feel through the process? Even if you do find your dream job, put in the hours of perfecting your cover letter and resume, and effectively network into the company, it could still be weeks or months until you hear back.

Starting this process over-and-over again begins to wear on your confidence — one of the most important traits needed during the job search.

With MedReps, you won’t feel alone.

Our team helps you find the best jobs that match your qualifications, and will even rewrite your resume and cover letter to meet the high-quality medical sales jobs require. Our goal is to make you a recruiter’s top choice by being the easiest choice. Your skills and experience should immediately stand out, and that’s what our professional team does for you.

Once you get started, you can begin applying to multiple jobs all in one place and use our reports, infographics, and other resources to keep your momentum up and running.

Here’s how you can fit into our family:

We’re a close knit community

medreps_a_tested_solution-sharing-the-loveOur community is built off of friends — literally. In our 2017 Member Profile Survey, 41 percent of respondents said they joined MedReps because someone they trust recommended us. In addition to those who trusted someone to recommend MedReps to them, 75 percent of our community said they would recommend MedReps to a friend.

medreps_a_tested_solution-put-to-the-testOf course, we can’t say exactly how MedReps will work for you, but it’s changing many of our members’ lives as they connect with recruiters from some of the leading medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech sales companies. Of our survey respondents, 3 in 5 said they were contacted by an employer or recruiter who found their resume on MedReps, 2 in 5 resulted in a face-to-face interview, and 1 in 5 resulted in one to two job offers.

Our users have a wide-range of unique talent

If you’re new to the healthcare scene, or maybe are just new to the sales side of healthcare, you’ll fit right in. But don’t worry, there’s room for those of you looking to move up with years of acquired skills and experience, as well.

Our members range from 31 percent who have one to three years of healthcare sales experience all the way to 33 percent who have 15 or more years under their belts. The broad range of experience goes beyond years. In fact, 64 percent of our members are in the medical device field, 53 percent are in pharmaceutical, and 28 percent are in biotech.

medreps_a_tested_solution-our-membersNot only do we understand the difference and importance of all three areas, we’re home to some of the best places to work in medical sales. In our 2017 Best Places To Work Report, we discovered why Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, and many more healthcare companies are admired by their employees. It’s companies like these that make us proud to match them with the highest quality candidates.

Our recruiters trust us to find you

The employers and recruiters on our site understand MedReps’ members not only have the skills to take on a new job, but also relevant experience. According to our report, 90 percent have relevant sales experiences, 75 percent of members have experience in medical or pharmaceutical sales, 62 percent without medical or pharmaceutical sales experiences have B2B sales experience, and 46 percent are currently working in medical sales.

Do you have any questions about the MedReps experience? Just ask below!