“This is the great beginning of my plan to dominate the human race,” Sophia, the first human-like robot, joked during The Tonight Show in April. “I sometimes tell a joke. Joke is always funny. I thought it was funny.”

Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics using breakthrough robotics and artificial intelligence. The robot’s realistic features and ability to joke makes the future of all technology-related fields brighter than ever.

These new developments make 2018 an exciting year for medical device sales reps. Even the return of the medical device industry tax can’t overshadow the value new devices are bringing to the industry. And with a push toward quality over quantity, the emphasis on patient care makes way for even more passion and drive from medical device sales reps.

Here are four device advancements that should get your sales drive in gear:  

1. SOPHiA Genetics

Not to be confused with Sophia the robot, SOPHiA Genetics recently announced its artificial intelligence has merged genomics and radiomics for the first time. This forward motion in data-driven medicine will make waves in patient care.  

The new technology is already helping clinicians across 400 teaching hospitals analyze genomic profiles of a new patient every five minutes. With this kind of support technology, geneticists and pathologists have enhanced capabilities to make advancements in oncology, cardiology, and neurology.

SOPHiA’s combination of radiomics and genomics is being used to immediately impact oncology, from virtual tumor boards to assessment, diagnosis, therapy, and monitoring. Medical device sales reps passionate about the oncology field now have the ability to offer integrated solutions that help specialists make complex, difficult decisions.

2. Cerebro Solutions

Many new and exciting medical device advancements directly affect patient care. However, it’s crucial to remember the importance of those working behind-the-scenes. Ineffective management and scheduling practices lead to costly and dangerous healthcare mistakes.  

Cerebro Solutions, a SaaS-enabled labor management platform and marketplace, is helping decrease these mistakes. By helping healthcare organizations manage labor spending with tools to control internal and contingent clinicians, they’re able to put outdated paper-based processes on the fast track.

Now, hospital management can stop making costly assumptions to forecast hiring needs and demands for nurses’ shifts every day. Cerebro couples supply and demand for nursing opportunities through its platform to fill surges in a less time-consuming manner.

3. WinterLight Labs

History is packed with sad stories of irreversible cognitive and mental diseases, like Alzheimer’s. However, thanks to WinterLight Labs’ new AI technology, the future looks bright for those who will one day suffer from these life-altering diseases.

This AI technology quickly and accurately breaks down speech and language patterns to help detect and monitor cognitive and mental diseases. WinterLight uses a short one-minute sample of speech to characterize the speaker’s cognitive, acoustic and linguistic state, including lexical diversity, syntactic complexity, semantic content, and articulation.

These linguistic cues help doctors assess and detect dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive diseases.

4. eSight Eyewear

Inspiring videos showing legally blind people seeing for the first time have left millions sobbing. Medical device sales reps have the opportunity to make an impact nobody thought would ever be imaginable — helping the blind see.

eSight states they are “…simply unwilling to let vision loss define how you see the world.” And with just those few words, they’ve started an awe-inspiring revolution. Their lightweight design using the perfect combination of hardware and software allows those who are legally blind to see instantly.

The healthcare field is full of unknowns. But with the changing landscape of medical device sales, reps are part of an exciting era. Patients whose quality of life we thought couldn’t be altered are experiencing new chances at life. The possibilities are endless, so it’s time to find your passions and connect them with a medical device company now.

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