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How to Use Your Failures to Create Success In Medical Sales

Sales leaderboards don’t have a column for your failures. They don’t list the leads who said ‘no’ or formerly reliable customers who chose someone else’s product over yours.

And thank goodness they don’t, right? The majority of us want to shove our failures under a rug. They’re embarrassing and remind us of uncomfortable, disappointing moments in our careers. Reflecting on them often feels like back-peddling, rather than moving forward.

However, it’s this type of reflection that empowers forward motion. It gives you the faculty to strategize your next steps with purpose. By leaving your failures undiscovered, you’re missing opportunities to learn and grow in ways that are most beneficial to your success in medical sales.

Effectively applying those moments of failure and using them to bump up your sales numbers is a whole new challenge. Here’s how you can start using your failures in a productive, success-enhancing way:

Find the motivation to transform yourself

Learning from your failures is one thing. But truly transforming yourself through them is an entirely separate task. You can, for example, simply not make the same mistake again. However, that doesn’t get down to the root of the problem, which actually stunts your growth.

Powerful transformation can only happen when you analyze why the failure occurred. Looking at the surface of a mistake doesn’t get you to this point.

For example, were you overly eager with a client but confused your eagerness with determination? Or did you maybe miscalculate the value your product would have for a specific customer?

Use your in-depth analysis of failures to transform yourself. Find the motivation in your missteps to face them head-on. Then, take the steps to prepare yourself in the future to handle these types of mistakes or, better yet, prevent them altogether.

Prepare for the future

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” This quote, often attributed to Albert Einstein, accurately defines what happens when we ignore our failure to achieve our intended results.

Before prepping for future failures you must first acknowledge that not all ‘failures’ are a direct result of your mistakes. Customers, no matter how much you try to manage them, will always make up their own minds. And they’re often dealing with circumstances far beyond your control.

So, the best thing you can do is use the past as a guide. Allow customers’ objections to help you form strategies for future success in medical sales. Look for trends in customer demographics, objections, economic patterns, and other customer-facing issues. Use this information to understand where you need to switch gears to better meet customers’ fluctuating needs.

Speak up about your failures

Being on the road and managing your own customer list doesn’t mean you’re alone. Your colleagues and company leaders are facing failures — often the same ones — every single day. Unfortunately, 86 percent of employees and executives in a Visix report cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

Collaboration is key to success in medical sales. Your managers and co-workers are there to lift you and your sales numbers up. Use your failures as a catalyst for change. Communicate regularly with your team about what’s been stopping you from reaching or going beyond your goals.

The more you and your team bounce failures off of each other, the more creative ideas you’ll have for squashing them before they present themselves again.

What moments of failure have you learned from? Share them with us!

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