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How to Show Your Medical Sales Company is Committed to Building Careers

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, half of all employees don’t feel like they’re building a career at their current job. It’s a scary statistic.

We all know that the words “job” and “career” carry different weight. When your medical sales reps feel like they’re just putting in the time until their next move, companies should focus on creating opportunities for skill development, career advancement, and overall job satisfaction. Since 58 percent of employees don’t feel their company is making that effort, those who are can capitalize on the opportunity to recruit (and hold onto) passionate, career-focused reps.

When developing career-building strategies, your recruitment and retention plans can be altered in order to highlight the ways in which you’re providing more than just a job to your team. Here are our top tips for showing candidates your medical sales company is in the business of building futures:

Create branded, career-focused content.

Part of your content strategy should be focused on attracting the most qualified medical sales candidates. When you’re publishing blogs and social content, be aware of how a potential employee will be impacted. Be sure you’re communicating your company’s mission and don’t shy away from promoting the programs you have in place to help your employees grow and thrive.

Medtronic has an entire Facebook page dedicated to its careers. And they’re not just posting career opportunities and job fair appearances. They share stories of how their training programs are helping their employees grow, congratulate current team members on successes, and interview employees about their experience at the company. 

It’s a fantastic practice in transparency. Medtronic has created an opportunity to share internal data on job satisfaction, highlight opportunities for education, and celebrate the accomplishments of their team.

Capitalize on content consumption with an employer brand video.

The statistics for video effectiveness in marketing are hard to argue with. It is easily the No. 1 way to deliver content that drives action from your audience.

Those statistics hold true in the recruitment and employee retention process. A strong brand video, highlighting the culture, mission, and values of your organization, can be a key tool in communicating with current and future team members. In fact, recruitment agencies report 800 percent more engagement when job ads include video.

Through marketing and HR collaboration, your organization can design and produce a brand video that will speak to the ways your company encourages growth and long-term career success within your existing culture. 

If you’re all business, with a high-caliber of professionalism, use your video to convey that energy. If your organization is more relaxed and casual, be sure your video speaks to that vibe. 

It’s the perfect way to give a behind-the-scenes look to future employees. By capturing candid footage of your employees working, learning, and collaborating, you’ll portray what life on the inside looks like. Interview current medical sales reps — both long-tenured and newly-hired — to provide an authentic picture of your organization and the opportunities you provide.

Conduct a job audition.

Beyond the traditional interview process, companies are adopting a new tactic for evaluating the perfect fit for open roles. Job auditions task candidates — both current employees in the running and external potentials — with a project related to the role they must complete and present as part of their interview.

Companies who adopt this practice benefit in a number of ways. Beyond the obvious evaluation of candidate work, recruiters and potential managers are given the opportunity to see how the candidate will work with the existing team. It also provides the candidate the opportunity to experience the company’s culture before they sign-on. The interaction helps paint a clear picture of how collaboration at the company works, and also allows your current employees to share how the company has helped them work toward their career goals.

Finally, the job audition strategy ensures that only those candidates who are truly serious about the position with your company stick around. It’s a big ask for companies to expect a deliverable finished product, and only the most driven and career-focused medical sales reps will complete the project with 100 percent effort.