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How to Make Medical Sales Candidates Feel Safe As the World Reopens

Medical sales recruiting is entering into a new phase as the world slowly reopens. Along with leaders, you must make medical sales reps feel a genuine sense of security. The unique challenge you’ve been given, however, is making candidates feel safe before they’re even part of the company. 

It’s crucial to focus on this new aspect of the medical sales recruiting process to earn candidate trust and secure relationships with talented reps. 

Here’s how you can make candidates feel safe during reopening:  

Bring-up the elephant in the room

Various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic have become political. Beyond that, people have different levels of comfort when it comes to moving out of quarantine. 

Because there are different opinions connected to personal and political perspectives, some candidates won’t feel comfortable bringing up their concerns regarding reopening. They may fear they’ll offend you. Even more so, in this job market and economy, many will put their concerns aside to feel they’re putting their best foot forward.   

Break the silence and bring it up during interviews. Let them know it’s not only OK to discuss it, but it’s important to the company that candidates feel safe and their concerns are heard. 

Discuss new policies

As the world progresses toward reopening, medical sales recruiting must focus on new policies. Sales candidates entering back into the job search process will be nervous about both feeling safe and being able to follow a company’s shifting procedures and policies. 

Show candidates the company is actively working to keep reps safe in the field by reviewing new policies. Then, calm their anxieties by sharing what following those policies, while actively working in the sales role, will look like. Explain how they’ve been implemented and how current employees are successfully selling while following new procedures. 

Also, clarify if certain processes are not set in stone. Point out which are temporary and how they can evolve as leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of local, state, and federal guidelines.

Focus on a sense of community

States everywhere are reopening even as some are considering if that’s the right move to make. It’s challenging in the COVID-19 environment to make candidates feel safe because they have no control over what their co-workers are doing outside of work. 

Highlight the company’s focus on a heightened sense of community. By detailing the enforcement of PPE rules and other safety precautions that protect everyone, you establish more unity and calm regarding the many unknowns sales reps face each day. 

Show them it’s about salespeople— not sales

In medical sales recruiting, you’re faced with proving a company is prepared to safely onboard new hires, keep them safe in the office, and make them feel secure when they’re on the road. 

Of course, sales leaders won’t have control over the employees and patients in clinics and hospitals. Be sure to understand the company’s exact policies on sales calls and focus on the in-person alternatives. 

If a company has elected to allow reps to work remotely and limit contact with clients, keep candidates informed on the details of the process. This shows that it isn’t all about going in and making the hard sell to attempt to get sales goals back on track. Instead, it’s about easing into the face-to-face sales relationship at the comfort level of each individual rep. 

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