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How to Look Good On a Medical Sales Resume When the Numbers Tell a Different Tale

Three resume tips to overcome lackluster, inconsistent sales stats

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When it comes to hiring in the world of pharma or medical device sales, hiring managers want candidates whose sales resume shows a strong track record of success – judged by his/her ability to individually or lead a team that meets quota, ranks highly and earns awards.

While everyone hopes for a career trajectory of exceeding sales goals, ranking at the top with a bevy of President’s Club awards, the reality is that this doesn’t always occur for reasons beyond control.

The trick to putting your best foot forward when sales results don’t scream success is to explain what you’ve accomplished from start to finish and how you got there.  The three steps below will help:

#1 Explain Your Sales Territory

Experienced medical device and pharma reps know that certain sales territories are easier to succeed in than others. Explain in the resume the state of your sales territory upon arrival. Was it bottom-ranked? Newly formed? Recently reorganized?

Medical sales reps, managers and executives often face a “Wild West” atmosphere or face an underperforming territory from the get-go. In these cases, the true story of success comes from territory turnaround and transforming chaos into order.

The state of a territory upon arrival coupled with the results of your territory to-date will provide the reader with a scope from which to judge success.

#2 Explain Your Product

All pharma and medical device products are not created equal. Some are the perfect price, solve a unique problem and are a slam dunk immediately upon launch. Others hit bumps along the way or were introduced and received a lukewarm reception prior to your arrival.

If your lack of standout numbers stems from product line obstacles, explain this and outline any incremental sales results.

Just like explaining your territory, the story of pharmaceutical or medical device product sales success is best judged when the reader can compare where you started against where you ended.

#3 Explain Your Sales Competition

Sometimes the competition’s products are just flat out better. To gain traction in this situation, a strong medical device or pharma sales rep must rely on his/her ability to forge and sustain relationships and make compelling cases.

If the competition’s natural advantage curtailed your sales success, be sure to explain your limited success given these steep obstacles.

Similar to explaining the background behind your product(s) and sales territory – the tale of success is gleaned from understanding incremental medical sales success given the circumstances.

The Tale of Resume Success Lies in the Storytelling

Numbers always tell a tale. The trick lies in showing the reader where you started, how you landed and how your sales strategy, perhaps created from the ground up, worked!

Virginia Franco– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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