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How to Improve Your Sales Strategy with 5 Invaluable Marketing Trends

We’ve already discussed the ways in which marketing and sales aren’t so different. In each field, the goal is to convince and persuade others that your product or service is the best. Just because you’re not creating a digital marketing campaign or designing a brochure doesn’t mean marketing trends won’t impact your business. 

As a medical sales rep, it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in the world of marketing so that you can add the most effective marketing techniques to your sales strategy. It’s one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and reach your goals in the new year.

The first part of our two-part series covered five marketing trends from 2020 that you should know. In this post, we’ll dive into how you can utilize and implement each trend in your sales strategy to improve performance and win more business. 

1. Get personal

We talked before about the increasing trend of personalization in the realm of digital marketing. Marketing personalization comes in many forms, from individually addressed emails to the ability to share your most-played songs of the decade on Spotify. And if you’ve ever watched a great TV show or movie based on a personalized recommendation from Netflix, you’ve experienced marketing personalization in your everyday life. 

So how do you add personalization to your sales strategy? The key to personalization is learning about your clients. Big companies do this with data and algorithms, but you can do it by developing a template that stores information about your best customers. Noting your customer’s needs will allow you to tailor your sales pitch, convert a conversation into a sale, and put you ahead of your competition. Don’t just look at your customers as potential revenue — look at them as people with unique needs. 

Having a people-first approach to sales helps you really listen when people are talking and hear and understand the needs of your potential customers. Create a process for compiling important details about your customers and delivering a personalized experience. Getting more personal could be your key to sales success. 

2. Take a data-driven approach

Data analytics allow smart marketers to pinpoint the exact right audience for their message. For instance, knowing the target demographic for a product is “women who have recently moved” helps marketers tailor their messaging. Knowing your audience can also help you determine the best channel to reach and connect with your ideal customers.

You don’t have to be an analytics expert to incorporate some data-driven insights into your sales strategy. Use the personalized data you’ve acquired from interacting with potential customers to draw connections. What medical devices or services are they looking to learn more about? What are their pain points? 

Likewise, information from existing customers can provide your leads with the tools they need to convert. You can use this data to draw conclusions about what’s selling and what’s not. With a data-driven approach, you’ll always know how to put your time and resources where they’re needed. 

3. Embrace visuals

From YouTube to Instagram, visuals are all the rage. This marketing trend is here to stay, and it’s one that you should take seriously in your sales strategy. Arm yourself with sales tools that visually tell the story of your product or service. This might be a great infographic showing the benefits of your newest medical device, or a snappy video with strong storytelling elements. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace visuals in order to convey the narrative of what you’re selling. Bring visual assets like brochures or flyers with you as leave-behinds, so your potential customer can have a visual reminder of your presentation.

4. Be conversational

In today’s world, conversations never stop. Whether it’s answering a text or a DM on Instagram, it seems like everyone is available at every hour of the day. Consumers have adapted to this “always on” environment, and they expect brands to have the same contemporaneous conversations with them as their friends. Use this knowledge to your advantage and make yourself available to your customers. 

You don’t have to be ready to sell 24/7, but give out your cell phone number and encourage potential customers to text you with any questions or concerns. Being on top of communication might be the difference between having a successful sales strategy and losing an important customer to a salesperson who answers faster. 

5. Utilize influencer marketing

Consumers are increasingly taking recommendations on what to purchase from those residing in the square boxes they scroll past on Instagram. But don’t worry, you don’t need an Instagram model to increase your medical device sales. Instead, think about what the word influencer actually means — a figure who has gained trust from those in their field. I bet you know more influencers than you think! 

Instead of finding a Kardashian to help with your sales, target influential figures in your industry. Talk with these figures about your product and get them on board. Ask them to talk about your product at trade shows, during presentations, or even on social media. Potential clients will see well-known industry figures with your product, giving you some extra rapport when it comes time to make your sales. It might even drive leads you would have never discovered. 

As you can see, smart marketing trends are essential for everyone to know — even sales reps. By utilizing these marketing trends in your sales strategy, you’ll get ahead of the competition and boost your career. 

What marketing trends will you be trying in your sales strategy this year? Share in the comments!