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How to Get your Medical Sales Jobs Seen with Better SEO


Is your job post getting lost in the sea of job boards and competitors? According to The Conference Board’s monthly counts, online job postings reached 5.7 million in November, the highest total since counting began in 2005. With so much competition, how can you be sure job seekers are able to find your medical sales jobs?

SEO is the key. You know that keywords are important in a job post, but they are only part of the SEO equation.

Take these steps to improve the SEO of your job posts and get your medical sales jobs seen by as many qualified candidates as possible:

Identify popular keywords

Keywords are how job seekers find your medical sales jobs. They’re the terms candidates are searching for in their browsers and on jobsearch platforms. But how do you know what job seekers will be looking for?

There are many tools available to help identify the best keywords to use in your job post. Google trends, for example, allows you to identify which terms are currently trending in job searches. Search by topic to see how popular a keyword is and find related terms.

Google AdWords can also help find the top converting keywords. If your team is advertising jobs with Adwords, the reports can help you determine which keywords lead to the most clicks. This data can help you target specific cities to find which terms will help you attract the most candidates when hiring in a specific area.

Select one or two keywords that are relevant to your medical sales jobs, then include them in your job post description.

Craft attractive titles

Now that you have your keywords, use them to create a killer title. Writing a job title may seem simple, but it needs to satisfy search engines, search tools on job boards, and living, breathing job seekers. That means it has to be simple enough for job seekers to find it, but unique enough to stand out from the competition. That’s why keywords are so important.

Your job title needs to incorporate a keyword so job seekers can find your medical sales jobs. However, the rest of the title needs to tell candidates about the job — what is it all about? How is it different from similar medical sales jobs? Include something about the products reps will be selling, the clients or territory they’ll be working with, or something else specific about the role.

Find balance

Using keywords over and over may seem like the best way to get your medical sales jobs in front of candidates, but if you use them too much, your SEO could actually suffer.

How much is too much? Use a keyword density analyzer tool, like SEO Book, to find out.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase is used compared with the total number of words. Keyword density analyzers will tell you if you haven’t used your keyword enough, if you used it too much, or if your job post is just right. Keep in mind that job posts only have a few hundred words or less, so using a keyword two or three times should be plenty.

Strengthen with social

When links get a lot of social shares, they have better SEO. Each like and retweet can help improve the visibility of your job posts.

Share links to your job posts on all your social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn. Not only will sharing your medical sales jobs help to get the word out, but it will improve your SEO ranking. The better your post does on social media, the more likely candidates are to see your medical sales jobs first in their job search.

SEO is more important to your job post than you think. When drafting posts, take the time to research keywords and use best SEO practices, so the best candidates can find your medical sales jobs.

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