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How to Break Into Medical Sales During the Holidays

There’s a perception that job seekers hold fast to — the holiday season is the worst possible time to try to break into medical sales. 

According to TopResume, a primary contributor to this belief lies with job seekers themselves. They pull out of the job market, leaving employers scrambling for qualified candidates. In reality, many hiring managers need to hire before the end of the year so as not to lose out on the budget dollars set for their positions. When they’re unable to fill a void, they’re tasked with re-delegating workloads and — sometimes — filling the vacancy with an ill-fitting internal hire.

By capitalizing on others’ beliefs of the myth, savvy job seekers can find and secure the opportunities that subsist after everyone has hung up their holiday wreaths.

Invest in your network

The holidays afford job seekers the perfect opportunity to foster connections with potential employers and colleagues. When you’re looking to break into medical sales, it’s important to connect with the right people.

Don’t shy away from introducing yourself at holiday parties, reaching out with holiday wishes on LinkedIn, and reinvigorating relationships with a little holiday cheer. Whether making initial connections or building on existing bonds, capitalize on the spirit of the season.

Be one of the few on employers’ radars

Job seekers fall into the false notion that employers aren’t looking during the holidays. While others are taking advantage of the downtime, you have the opportunity to step into the spaces they’re not filling.

Use the limited involvement of others to your advantage. Don’t bookmark opportunities for later or hold off on sending a follow-up email. Get out of your holiday PJs, put your cocoa in a travel mug, and show up. Demonstrate a little extra drive to help set yourself apart.

Capitalize on the job market

Remember that in our strong economy, hiring is now in demand. There will be opportunities year-round — especially in a competitive field like medical sales.

Because of the ample prospects available to reps, movement is inevitable. Experienced reps seeking new opportunities are jumping on offers regardless of the season, and they’re leaving entry-level jobs up for grabs. That’s great news for job seekers looking to break into medical sales.

Be proactive in your job search throughout the holidays, and don’t wait until January to express interest.

Don’t fret if it doesn’t pan out right away

In some cases, it is just poor timing for companies who do take advantage of the holidays to slow down. Hiring may be put off until after the new year because of personal schedules, company plans, and delayed feedback from interviewers and leaders.

Until you get the, “thanks, but no thanks” letter, keep following up and expressing your interest throughout the busy holiday season. You’ll showcase your tenacity and genuine interest in the position, and set yourself apart from the candidates that stayed on the sidelines.