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How Strategic Hiring Can Influence the Future of the Medical Industry


The future of the medical industry is shaped by the changes that are coming into force not only as a result of new legislation adopted, as the Affordable Care Act and its influence on new jobs, but also of the upcoming new technologies and the shift of the model focusing more on the wellbeing of patients.

In the USA alone more people are employed in healthcare than in any other private sector and there are various types of jobs with people having different skills. In order to ensure that your health organization is doing the best in terms of having the right personnel, you need to resort to strategic hiring.

So, what is strategic hiring and what are its main elements? To hire strategically simply means to focus not only on what you will need today but on your future needs as well. Strategic hiring goes beyond just finding people for the vacancies you have. It is more of thinking about what you need in order to improve the overall situation of your company so that you are ready to meet the challenges of your industry. In order to achieve that as a healthcare institution you need to:

Define your needs

When thinking of the role a new employee will play in the organization, you have to consider their place in relation to the current and future needs you have. Then you need to determine the skills, background, experience and even attitude the candidate should possess in order to perfectly match the job setting you are offering.

Nurture your staff so that they stay

Building a talent pipeline in your organization is essential. Keeping the staff you have is of paramount importance. As there is always a demand for healthcare personnel, you need to find a way to keep the top performers at your organization. Offering them an opportunity to grow or to upgrade their skills is a great initiative to keep them away from the job market.

Take a diverse approach to hiring

When thinking about hiring, you need to take a diverse approach and you should not rely only on your recruiters. Consider consulting technical experts, for example, when it comes to working with different equipment as they will know what type of skills and knowledge a new recruit should have.

Now, that you are aware of the importance of strategic hiring, one of the important questions you need to answer is “How the medical industry can be influenced by strategic hiring?” Even though the answer is not that simple, we can sum up that there are two main factors that will play a significant role. According to the 2018 Global Health Care outlook by Deloitte, these are:

Moving towards smart healthcare

Smart healthcare means appropriate health care that is delivered at the right time and place. With strategic hiring, a healthcare institution guarantees that it has the needed human resources to meet this demand. Working smart means heaving the right technology to correctly diagnose and treat patients and provide the relevant aftercare. But first and foremost, smart healthcare means having the correct people to do the correct work.

The future of the medical industry lies in the hands of informed professionals who are able to answer to the different needs of the patients, which includes working in non-traditional care settings when need be.

Adopting the right model

There are two basic models that define the medical industry according to HealthCare Source CEO Peter Segall — a transactional model and a wellness model, which are in direct opposition. The current model is based on a fee for service — in other words, medical organizations earn more money from the tests, procedures, and admissions of patients. With the wellness model, the focus is on having revenue as a result of keeping people out of hospitals and trying to decrease the need for tests and procedures in general.

While these two models are contradictory, the future of the medical industry, according to Segall, is in the wellness model. Strategic hiring can help the healthcare organization adopt the right model, in which patients also play a significant role as being pro-active “consumers” of the medical services. Patients are becoming more and more informed and active in maintaining their health.

Global health care spending is expected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020 because of aging and increasing population but also due to increasing labor costs. Therefore, it is essential for the medical industry to hire the right people for the right positions, which can be done through the resources offered by strategic hiring. The process will shape the industry in line with the global trends that define health care as a whole and the relationship between patients and health providers on all levels.




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