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Go Beyond Traditional Flexible Work – Offer Medical Sales Talent These Unique Options


If you consider flexible work an unnecessary or even disruptive benefit, you may want to reconsider. Many employees and employers find it a crucial factor that improves the employee experience and, in turn, overall workforce performance.

In fact, 45 percent of flexible workers say their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively has increased, according to a new Flex+Strategy Group report. Also, 60 percent of those surveyed said they’re more productive in a flexible work environment.

Even billionaire Richard Branson believes flexibility is exactly what companies need to offer their current and future employees. “…If you want to find, attract, and keep the best employees, you need to build flexible working and flexible hiring into your talent strategy,” Branson wrote in a recent blog post.

But what exactly is a “flexible” working environment?

For many, the first thing that comes to mind is working from home. However, this isn’t the only, or even most valuable, flexible work option for medical sales pros. To really help your team excel and attract top medical sales employees, try these non-traditional tips.

1. Train your team

Flexibility gives employees a new sense of freedom. Even though it’s a positive change, new working styles can leave your team overwhelmed. However, those who receive proper training before diving into remote work say they’re better at working remotely than those who weren’t, according to the previously mentioned report.

Let medical sales candidates know you’re prepared to give them the needed tools to succeed in a flexible work environment. In your job description, note that flexible work isn’t just an option, but is, in fact, encouraged by the management team.

Make it clear that to ensure they feel comfortable in the role, they’ll go through an initial training period. This will allow them and their manager to identify which skills and behaviors need to be strengthened before exploring their flexible options.

During onboarding, use a tool like e-work.com to offer employee assessments and training modules.

2. Give office employees tools and options

Medical sales field reps aren’t the only employees who need flexible work options. While they’re out and about, the rest of your staff is left in the office, often working traditional hours. Of course, these team members want options that increase their productivity and collaboration skills as well.

Attract top in-house employees by offering collaboration tools and their own flexibility options. On your career website, make a list of tools that help office employees stay connected and able to communicate effectively with team members who are frequently on the road.

Also, let them know your company values all employees by offering half-days on Fridays, a bonus day off once a month, or even one day a week of working from home.

3. Offer an office outside of the office

Often times, the issue with working remotely is the assumption that it’s synonymous with working from home.

Unfortunately, for many medical sales candidates, working from home isn’t the best flexible option. Some people have busy households and can’t focus or they don’t have a designated quiet place to make phone calls and file paperwork.

However, the benefits of a remote workplace remain. This means it’s important to offer an office away from the office.

Let top talent know you understand the benefits of working outside of the office but are also aware of varying homelife situations. Offer a monthly stipend for office space rent, office equipment, and any other remote needs to show candidates you’re prepared to truly cater to their flexible work needs.  

4. Focus on mobile teamwork

Many on-the-go sales reps don’t have the time to catch up with co-workers, which isn’t the best for team morale. When you offer flexibility, teamwork can suffer even more. New sales pros, especially, need strong connections to feel welcomed and included.

Whether your team is frequently on the road or is out of the office a few days a week, you need special team-bonding activities to help team members feel productive, motivated, and included.

Use virtual team-building games to help sales pros create strong, meaningful relationships. Allow candidates to test out these games to get a feel for your culture and the value of teamwork. Have sales pros create a virtual scavenger hunt while they’re out on the road, create a giant bucket list together, or even play virtual charades.

What flexible work tips do you have for medical sales pros? Let us know!