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Give Your Work Style a Good Spring-Cleaning

You’re lying if you say working from home for so many months hasn’t led you to embrace a somewhat lazier work style. We’ve all secretly abandoned our designated desks to work in bed or on the couch every so often. 

Morphing into that chill work style is OK! It can even be a healthy change if you’re used to being chained to the desk and pulling your hair out to get work done. 

Anything cosmetic in your work environment is completely up to your personal preference. But when it starts to affect performance, you need to do something about it. 

According to a recent Gartner survey of over 800 HR leaders, the fifth-highest trend at work is the separation of critical skills and roles. To build an ideal team, leaders are focusing less on specific, individual roles. Instead, they’re investing in skills that open multiple avenues for career development and also drive the organization’s competitive edge. 

And those critical skills can include knowing how to stay organized, manage your time, and develop self-motivation.Take this season of spring-cleaning to really assess how well your chill work style complements your goals in those departments.

To assist with your critical thinking, here are seven resources you can use to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of your roles or your skillset:

1. Affirmations

Depending on how you approach it, affirmations can feel a little gimmicky. Staring at yourself in the mirror and telling your reflection how awesome you are doesn’t always feel the most authentic. 

Luckily, there are plenty of other ways you can gain the benefits of affirmations to improve your work. And, yes, there are legit benefits. 

In 2016, researchers found that self-affirmation increases activity in the parts of the brain responsible for your sense of value and your processing of self-related information. 

To take advantage of this confidence boost and improved ability to trust yourself, ease into an affirmations practice with a quick, daily podcast or fun, colorful affirmation cards

2. “My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace” podcast

Podcasts have become one of the best ways to stay informed and learn new things, so, of course, we had to include a couple on our list for tidying up your work style. The best part is that indulging in a podcast doesn’t require you to designate a certain part of your day to it. You can simply add it into your routine on your commute, during a lunch break, or even during easy tasks at work. 

“My Pocket Psych” will strengthen the perspective of anyone and everyone in the modern workplace, especially HR pros. It aims to improve employee experiences on the job by tackling topics like work-life balance, imposter syndrome, and loneliness through a psychological lens. 

If your primary goal in work style spring-cleaning is to invest more in your mental well-being, this podcast may be the best learning opportunity for you. 

3. “Beyond the To-Do List” podcast

“Beyond the To-Do List” specifically targets productivity. If you find that this chill work style means you’re completing tasks more slowly and getting more distracted throughout the day, this is for you. 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when your productivity isn’t what it used to be. We’re not machines churning out results at a consistent rate; we’re human! And as such, we’re naturally inclined to experience changes in motivation and quality of work. The trick is just to avoid letting adjustments in rhythm interfere with your ability to meet expectations. 

Burnout is not your buddy. Here are the best ways to deal with it as a recruiter. 

4. for organization

Needless to say, your position comes with a lot of tasks that require intensive organization. And it’s not like anyone is just born with the skills to handle all that without proper tools to help. 

You can get away with using the home office as a multi-purpose space and even forgetting to put away the clean laundry you shoved in there four days ago. But online is where the real organization matters. 

No system is the end all be all, but is certainly one of the best options. If you’re just using it for yourself to keep track of tasks, it’s free! And it comes with customizable templates for every HR process, including recruitment and onboarding. The hardest part to manage is all sorted out for you. 

5. Breezy HR app

If you need something a little more intense to stay on top of recruitment necessities, give Breezy HR a try. It makes it easier to schedule interviews, visualize where each candidate is at in the hiring process, and improve the efficiency of the process overall. What’s more, all of the features are available both online and on their mobile app. 

Keep in mind that learning new systems can be exhausting. Ones like Breezy and monday try to be more intuitive than most, but it will still require a time commitment to set up an account, go through some tutorials, and get started. If you know you’ve got online organizational skills under your belt, you can probably get away without adopting something new. 

That being said, newness almost always helps refresh a process that’s become dull. If you’re finding yourself uninterested in the hiring process, take the plunge and see if these programs can help get you excited again!

All top recruiters for medical sales need these three skills. Can you guess what they are? 

6. Adam Grant, influencer

If you’re going to follow any influencer and actively pay attention to what they have to share with the world, Adam Grant should be a top pick. He’s written books, hosted podcasts, presented TedTalks, and written newsletters and articles. With every one of these, he shares his expertise on how we can harness motivation and live more creatively. 

Whenever you need a quick boost of motivation at work, reach for some Adam Grant content first (and maybe a cup of coffee second!). 

7. “Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual”

If you have the time to pick up a new book, “Professional Troublemaker” by Luvvie Ajayi Jones is definitely the way to go. Contrary to what the title suggests, it is not, in fact, a complete guide to pulling pranks on your co-workers. It’s not necessarily even specific to the professional work style. However, it is a wonderful manual for personal growth and learning how to speak up for yourself.

It’s books like these that you need to find the internal inspiration and empowerment to take on every single work day. Embrace the champion you are, whether you’re in a power suit or rocking a set of onesie pajamas!

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