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The Future of Healthcare is Bright — Reignite Your Sales Team’s Passions

Real-time health tracking, virtual office visits, bionic body parts — the future of healthcare is unstoppable. Healthcare innovations are developed in every medical sales field on a daily basis. That’s something reps should be excited about. 

Unfortunately, some medical sales reps have been in the game for so long their vision is clouded. They’re focused on the day-to-day tasks — moving in and out of offices, closing sales, and navigating through competitors. 

Lacking enthusiasm is detrimental to individual employees and the company as a whole. Without that fire, sales reps lose their passion, causing sales numbers to drop and a potential decrease in team morale. 

Fortunately, there are new breakthroughs and trends leaders can turn use to reignite their sales team’s passions. Here’s how you can get your team excited about the future of healthcare: 

1. Discuss mindblowing breakthroughs 

Healthcare breakthroughs are a daily occurrence. This can make news of advancements seem mundane. However, there are those new developments that knock you off your feet. Even experienced reps can’t help but be in awe of them. 

Take the first-ever successful mind-controlled robotic arm without brain implants developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University for example. Non-invasive machine learning techniques are completely changing medical device developments. 

When getting your team excited about this type of impressive development, don’t just email a newsletter highlighting the updates. Discuss them with your team. Find out how each change excites or intimidates them. Use this as leverage to keep bringing relatable developments to the table for increased discussion. 

2. Provide opportunities for creativity

Sales isn’t always about the numbers. Creativity is critical to encourage innovation and problem-solving. These are the tools moving sales reps out of ruts and connecting them to the future. 

Creativity for medical sales reps often happens when they’re on the road quickly problem-solving for customers. While this is important, it doesn’t bring them out of the immediate moment. Opportunities for creativity should also provide inspiration for the future. 

Let employees know they’re in a working environment where creativity is celebrated. Make them feel safe offering ideas that might not work by sharing your own out-of-the-box thoughts. 

Open-up time for them to take courses that expand their thought processes beyond everyday sales techniques. This could be in the form of marketing courses or even courses in a hobby they’re interested in. Also, consider sending them on trips to conferences where they can learn about the future of healthcare and make new connections. 

3. Put consumers at the center of your sales model

The future is bright — and it’s all about consumers. In fact, a recent Deloitte report revealed that by 2040, experts expect the consumer will be at the center of the health model. Your research and development teams already likely work under this model. They’re focused on improving the quality of life for consumers with new, easier to use, less expensive products. 

Medical sales teams should have the same focus — one that goes beyond their actual customers. Develop an image of the ideal end-user of your product. Even better, compile testimonials of those using your product. 

Rather than using them solely in your sales material, put them on display in the office. Ask your team what about that patient motivates them to remain in the field or how they hope their product develops to help future patients.