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Find Out What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Sales Style

All coffee-holics are still buzzing from International Coffee Day on October 1. In fact, it’s estimated that three billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. We feel it’s safe to assume, many of those coffee addicts are medical sales reps. From running around between appointments to late-late hours of catching up on emails, caffeine is critical. 

Maybe you brew your coffee at home or maybe you have a favorite spot with baristas who know your order before you even speak. You may prefer a simple black, hot coffee. Or perhaps you rattle off a complicated order by heart. 

So, we had to ask — what do medical sales reps’ coffee orders say about their sales styles? 

Our fun quiz asks you basic questions about your coffee preferences. Then, it details the type of sales rep you might be based on those preferences. We’re even sharing a special surprise at the end to improve your medical sales strategy — no matter what type of coffee you drink! 

Grab your cup of joe and get started: 

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