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Find Your Champions of Change In The Medical Sales Interview Process

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Socrates’ quote is applicable to any of life’s unexpected changes. The idea of welcoming change is especially helpful for those in medical sales. You need reps who are equipped to deal with this constantly evolving industry.

These “champions of change” are employees who keep calm during the twists and turns of life. They’re able to swiftly make decisions that propel the company forward, rather than fighting to maintain the status quo.

As healthcare industry shifts occur, medical sales companies must be prepared with their own champions of change. The best place to start this preparation is during the medical sales interview process. Discovering your own champions during the interview process means you’ll have employees who are ready to keep “…building on the new.”

Here’s how to discover champions of change during the medical sales interview process:

1. Ask what part they’ve played in change.

Champions of change feel responsibility for the company’s success when new developments occur. Regardless of whether the tasks they must complete to reach this success are in their job description, they’re prepared to do what it takes.

Ask candidates to explain what roles they’ve taken on during transitions. Did they come up with and present a solution to address the change? Or did they calmly move forward with new orders from management?  

Whether they took the lead during a transition or were the level-headed piece to the chaotic puzzle, these are the champions you want on your team.

2. Have them analyze career changes.

Change is inevitable in the career world. Some people face a new journey with grace and others feel overwhelmed by the uncertainties. How a candidate behaved during a previous transition gives you insight into how they’ll react in the future.

Ask medical sales candidates to describe past career changes. Encourage them to walk you through their actions and emotions throughout the process. A example:

  • -Did they ask questions to help themselves transition?
  • -Were they panicked about the state of their future?
  • -Did they look at the change as an exciting opportunity?
  • -Were they busy blaming others for the change?
  • -Did they focus on helping customers transition through the change?

Once you understand how they approached the situation and their emotions, ask how the change impacted their success. If their sales faltered slightly, evaluate how they reacted to correct their course.

3. Discover their future predictions.

Socrates hit the nail on the head when he said the secret to change is building on the new. That’s why you must look for candidates who are forward thinkers. Champions of change aren’t afraid of the future because they’re always looking at what’s coming down the pipeline.

While not all big industry disruptions are easy to spot, accomplished medical sales reps see the signs of evolution early on.

Find out just how forward-thinking your candidates are during the interview process. Ask what trends or disruptions they believe are headed for impact with the medical sales industry. Take it a step further by discovering what evidence they have to backup these predictions.

4. See how they define failure.

People who are scared to fail are less likely to be open to change. Disruptions in how they perform their jobs make them hesitant about the future. If a candidate defines failure as simply “making an error,” they’ll be less willing to suggest risky or unfamiliar solutions.

However, champions of change understand mistakes are probable during transitions. They’re quick to acknowledge the error, recognize where they went wrong, and find a creative solution. As a result, their definition of failure involves much greater defeats in their careers.