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Entry-level Medical Sales Jobs: Why You Need to Go For It

Every sales professional dreams of a rewarding, passion-driven career. One where they’re selling products they believe in while also earning an impressive paycheck. 

You can find this type of dream job in medical sales. Even entry-level reps who have little to no direct medical sales experience, have the power and potential to reach sales heights they never thought possible. 

But what about all the stereotypes you’ve heard? Medical sales isn’t a flexible career. All medical sales reps are money-hungry. You need years of direct experience to be considered for a role, let alone earn a decent paycheck. 

We’re putting these stereotypes to rest and are revealing the reasons you should consider an entry-level medical sales job. Here’s what you need to know before making a decision:

1.You don’t have to wait for high earning potential.

Our 9th Annual Medical Sales Salary Report uncovered some motivating data for entry-level medical sales hopefuls. While medical sales roles are often sought after for the impressive paycheck, we found that even those with less than two years of experience were bringing home anywhere from $88,480 to $120,667 a year.

You don’t need decades of experience in order to excel in medical sales, but you will need to be willing to put in some effort, commit to learning and embrace the role with gusto. 

Even the lowest entry-level rep positions are handsomely compensated, so if you’re willing to jump in with both feet, you’ll be making financial progress in no time.

2. Work-life balance is high on the list of importance.

When it comes to working overtime, more and more medical sales reps are putting their sanity ahead of their income level. In fact, our salary report found that the majority of reps (61 percent) place more importance on work-life balance that they do on their pay.

With entry-level medical sales jobs, many sales professionals can feel they need to put in overtime in order to prove themselves and work their way up the ladder. While the demand of a medical sales role is very real, the stereotype that the most successful reps are those who see their job as their primary focus is not — partly because the definition of success is evolving, and partly because established medical sales representatives are breaking away from the hustle and setting new expectations for leaders.

A trend not unique to sales, we see more and more professionals demanding the balance that allows them to live outside of their work. It’s the prime time for those new to the sales industry to jump into a medical role as you’ll benefit from the industry’s shifting outlook on work-life balance. 

3. The diverse realm of medical sales allows you to find your passion.

Getting your toe in the door with entry level-medical sales jobs opens you up to a broad and varied field. From biotech to surgical equipment to pharmaceutical sales, you’ll find a wide range of opportunities at your fingertips.

It’s important to find a company you can create a long-term career with. It’s also important that you find a long-term role that is centered in your passion. If you initially apply for a pharmaceutical sales position, but through your experience feel more pulled to biotech, you’ll be able to use your experience to move across the medical sales space.

Gaining direct experience and identifying the area in which you both excel and feel most fulfilled will be key to your successful medical sales career. An entry-level role will get your feet wet and will give you the opportunity to explore exactly where your passion lies.

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Entry-level Medical Sales Jobs: Why You Need to Go For It