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3 Types of Employer Brand Content That Will Make Recruiting Medical Sales Easier

With a growing concern for healthcare and the demand for trained and flexible medical sales representatives, companies in the sector face a new challenge: attracting and retaining the best candidates.  

Fortunately, there are some powerful tools medical companies can use to meet this particular goal. Maybe one of the most important is employer branding. Content created for employer branding purposes is a huge opportunity to attract the best talent for these kinds of establishments. It is also effective in retaining the current workforce for longer employment periods. 

But the question lingers: how does one develop a stellar employer branding strategy, and what types of content are most effective for this purpose? But, before diving deeper into different types of employer brand content, let’s take a closer look at what employer branding is. 

Employer branding – What is it?

We are already familiar with the brand concept. It’s a company image that evokes certain feelings, perceptions, and emotions people get when thinking about the organization itself. Branding’s most important role is growing and maintaining a loyal consumer base.  

This was the first step to understanding the employer branding concept better. So, employer branding refers to the way businesses market the work atmosphere and the workplace in such a fashion to grow the applicant’s trust in the company’s culture and values. To boost your employer branding efforts in highly-competitive fields like medical sales, you have to use the most powerful tool ever created: content. Video, written, no matter the type, make it big, and make it loud. And to successfully manage this tricky step, just follow the advice below. 

#1. Video employer brand content

Getting your employees on camera is a big opportunity to familiarize people in the medical sales talent pool with your company values and culture. You should create video content for recruitment purposes for a number of reasons, including: 

  • -It’s engaging and entertaining.
  • -It has high conversion rates.
  • -It puts your workforce under the spotlight. 
  • -It’s more effective at attracting undecided candidates.
  • -It boosts employee retention rates.

But, how does video content work to your advantage when you want to create employer brand content to attract workforce? 

Well, video content can make your employees feel special and appreciated. The sole fact that you want to focus on their employment story for a video piece is a self-esteem booster. People love to feel they are appreciated in the workplace, so emphasize this in your video pieces. 

For job applicants, this type of content will work its magic in several ways. 

  • -They will get to see potential colleagues. 
  • -Video content offers talent a sneak peek into the workplace life in your company. 
  • -Prospects will also notice that you recognize and appreciate true talent in your corporation, which makes job openings within the company more attractive. 

#2. Written employer brand content

Employee stories on your website’s blog section can be just as impactful as video content. Select a couple of employee volunteers from each of your departments and do a fun and engaging Q&A piece with them. 

The actionable outline for a similar approach should follow the steps below: 

  • -Pick your brilliant employees.
  • -Ask them to answer a series of questions about their daily life in the workplace and outside of it.
  • -Have them share about their passions and hobbies, etc. 
  • -Interview them and post the results on your blog section or Work for Us section. 

How will this help you to attract incredible sales force? Well, above anything else, this kind of content is fun and engaging. Prospects who already have their eyes on a job opening inside your company will love to have a taste of the pros and cons of working with you. They will appreciate getting to know potential colleagues at a deeper, more personal level. 

In fact, Marissa Baldwin, HR manager for Top Writers Review, adds: “When developing a written content strategy to boost your employer brand image, try to juggle with some of the most influential topics prospects care about.”

  • -Employee and recruiter blog posts. To create this type of content, focus on what your company searches for in the recruitment process. Make this type of content highly visible and attractive for prospects. The “Blog” section on your company website should feature articles written by your employees. Ask them to detail the kinds of projects they work on and offer advice, etc. 
  • -Community and sustainability initiatives. Most employees (80%, actually, according to a survey by NetImpact) value companies who look further than their financial wellness, and focus on community and sustainability initiatives. 
  • -FAQ sessions. We have detailed these above. 
  • -Awards for the longest employed workforce.
  • -Diversity culture info. Candidates and employees seem to equally value strong diversity-focused company culture. In your written content, try to paint a clear picture of how diverse your company is and how much diversity matters for the upper management. Try to include facts and data about your diversity and inclusion programs.
  • -Facts and data about company financial stability. Prospects want to know the companies they consider working for are financially stable. 
  • -Engaging and playful answers to the “Why should I work here?” question. Candidates and talent want to know why people would choose to work in your organization. Are there Glassdoor reviews? Are there employee testimonials or your organization’s values? Dive deeper into the topic in your written content. 
  • -Company values. What seems to matter the most in your employer branding efforts is emphasizing your company values in a clear and playful way. Here, you can include a series of topics, from gender equity to closing the pay gap, philanthropic acts, and decisions, etc. 

#3. Social media employer brand content

Once you create the right type of video and written content to make your employer brand stronger, adapt these formats for social media outlets; in other words, make them sharable. If your content is engaging, playful, and light-hearted, half of the job is done. 

All you have to do next is find vibrant, visually appealing images to use on social media outlets when sharing your written content. 

“Engaging company’s social media profiles that are packed with fresh and interesting content help improve its online visibility and attract potential employees,” Paul Hamin, content specialist for ProTexting, explains. “Social media has become a great source of new candidates for many businesses.”  

The key takeaway here is to make your brand work for you. Employer brand content has a huge potential in helping you find the perfect fit for your medical sales team. Used correctly, it can put your organization in a positive light, grow employment and employee retention rates. 

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Sylvia Giltner is an HR manager for Resumes Centre and content writer at StudyClerk. She helps people write the perfect resume and land a desirable job. Featured on Money and Fast Company.