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6 Cost-Effective Tools For Your Medical Sales Job Hunt

Job searching is hard work – and I’d argue that in the world of medical sales it can be even harder because so much time is often spent on the road.

The bottom line? With limited time to hunt, it is more important than ever to take advantage of whatever tool or gizmo might shave off a few minutes here and there.

Here are six tools to make your medical sales job search more effective and efficient. Five of them are designed for an on-the-road job hunt. They may surprise you in terms of helping you save you time and putting your best foot forward.

1.  Voice assistant

I’ve had many spirited discussions with people that believe voice assistants like Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Google Home (Google), or Alexa (Amazon) are intrusive. I’d argue that they can save you time.

Whether allowing you to set reminders for interviews or phone calls, inquiring about the traffic before heading to a face-to-face interview, or even what the weather is like to know how to dress — these voice assistants save you the step of typing your questions into a search bar.

2. Standup desk

In addition to the health benefits of working at a standup desk, Making Conversation Founder, Peggy Wallace, shares several benefits to standing up that help job seekers get through what are often the first two interview hoops — the phone screen and online interview.

In her article, Wallace claims that standing up enables you to open up your diaphragm. This increases the sound of confidence in your voice, adding a touch of professionalism. 

She also notes that standing up might offer you an increased sense of control which can soothe your nerves, something that’s always welcome during online interviews.

While a standup desk is not necessary when on the phone, it is helpful for camera stability during an online or video interview.

3. Job search organizational system

If you don’t keep track of your job search, it’s easy to forget who you reached out to, when, and for what job. This can be done on an excel spreadsheet or in a notebook. 

Having this information at your fingertips is critical. That’s why it’s important that whatever system you set up is portable.

Consider downloading the Google Sheets or Excel app to your phone. Or check out JibberJobber, a free (and mobile) tool for job seekers to organize their job hunt and manage a professional network.

4. Halo light

Also known as a ring or diva light, halo lights originally moved from the world of medicine and dentistry to high-fashion photography. Today, they are becoming increasingly commonplace for use when making mobile or online videos.

Why? Simply put, halo lights are more flattering or forgiving – as under-eye circles and blemishes appear less prominent. When it comes to commonplace video interviews, a halo light will ensure that shadows made by traditional overhead lights or desk lamps disappear.

Fortunately, mobile halo lights are small, portable and very affordable – many for less than $30 and are readily available for purchase on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

5. Video interviewing software

As mentioned earlier, video interviewing has become the norm in today’s job search process. They usually occur once or twice after an initial phone screen.

To put your best foot forward, in addition to purchasing a halo light, I recommend plenty of practice. Sites like JoinMe, GoToWebinar, and Skype offer free accounts that can be used via desktop or mobile.

6. Boomerang

I’ve saved my favorite tool for last. Boomerang for email (available for Gmail and Outlook, on Androids and iPhones) in my view may quite possibly be the ultimate email productivity tool available today.

In addition to letting you snooze emails, you can schedule them for a later send, schedule “ticklers” to yourself (with notes!) to remember to follow up on important messages for those times when you don’t hear back from hiring pros. You can even get notified when a message gets read and if it was opened on a mobile device or laptop.

In addition, Boomerang helps you stay on top of one of the harder parts of job searching — building and nurturing your professional network. With Boomerang, you have help keeping in touch at regular intervals. Simply shoot someone a message, then boomerang it to come back to you in a few months to reconnect.

Affordable job search efficiency at your fingertips

Job search by its very nature requires a great deal of organization, preparation, follow through and time.

These six tools will help you to maximize your time and help you keep tabs on all of it – while helping you to put your best foot forward – without breaking the bank. 

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– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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