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4 of the Most Common Lies Medical Sales Candidates Tell

A medical sales job seeker finds your job description. They want to work for your company, but perhaps their skills and experience aren’t an exact match with what you’re looking for. The job seeker applies anyway. It’s annoying, yes, but understandable. They’re eager and hoping you’ll make an exception. It’s an honest enough mistake — […]

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Twitter Recruiting: How to Recruit Medical Sales Talent on Twitter

Using Twitter for recruiting may seem informal and nontraditional, but it’s an effective way to find and add talented medical sales professionals to your team. As the job search becomes more and more social, Twitter presents a great opportunity to make personal connections with qualified professionals, to speed-up the recruiting process. Use these tips to […]

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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Case Study

The Takeaway Teva has hired six new employees since they started using in October 2014. Teva is very satisfied with the quality and performance of these new hires they have found using Since using, Teva estimates that they have saved thousands of dollars. “Since using, we are getting more applicants that […]

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3 Reasons to Love the Wrong Candidate

  Sifting through a mountain of applicants to find the right candidate is hard work. Picking the perfect person for a job takes time. For every open position, recruiters receive 250 resumes, and 50 percent of job seekers don’t have basic qualifications for job they want. Therefore, recruiters spend a lot more time speaking with […]

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How to Use Analytics to Improve Recruitment

  Information is everywhere, and more and more industries are analyzing big data to make sense of it all. But recruiters are falling behind. According to a survey of 480 large companies, only four percent have the capability to perform predictive analytics about their workforce, and just 14 percent have performed significant talent analytics at […]