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Bring Out The Best In Your Medical Sales Team’s Unique Personalities

Gary’s desk is always immaculate. Tina has three unwashed coffee cups and papers spread everywhere. You have medical sales reps who start their morning chatting with team members and others who send a few emails, collect their thoughts, and head out on the road. The personalities within your office are endless. Even if you divide […]

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The No. 1 Thing That Will Make Medical Sales New Hires Stay

You’ve just brought a promising new medical sales rep on board. They’re perfect. You see them quickly connecting with co-workers, their passion is obvious, and within the first week, they made a sale. It’s apparent they’ve quickly acclimated. You’ll continue to check in with them, but as for their new hire status, it seems they’re […]

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Stop The Ghost of Recessions Past From Scaring Your Medical Sales Team

A ghost has been haunting medical sales employees for the last 10 years. It isn’t cloaked in a white sheet, roaming company halls. This ghost is much more unsettling — it’s the ghost of recessions past. Many medical sales employees are still dealing with the repercussions of the 2008 Great Recession, according to a recent […]

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Plan to Keep Your Medical Sales Employees’ Spirits High This Holiday Season

We all know those people who are done holiday shopping by August. That type of preparation is impressive — and out of the ordinary. Most of us don’t prepare for the holidays at work or at home until it’s too late. Unfortunately, this leaves us overly stressed, scrambling to get everything in order. When it […]

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Impress Your Tech-Savvy Medical Sales Employees With These 5 Wellness Apps

Your medical sales team is no stranger to constantly evolving technology. No matter what product you offer, their knowledge and tech savviness goes above and beyond to keep up with clients’ needs and demands. Unfortunately, they’re also familiar with the pressures, stress, and feelings of general poor health. The demands of the job combined with […]

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3 Simple But Effective Ways to Address Employee Mental Health

Today isn’t about sales. It’s not about your clients or landing a shiny new account. Nope, it isn’t even about ensuring your product is moving at all. In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness month, make today completely about your employees and their mental health. Most of us are uncomfortable with the topic. However, focusing on […]

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Keeping Your Medical Sales Customers Loyal While on Parental Leave

Starting a family is an exciting time. But traditionally, figuring out how to balance work and a new baby has been tough. New parents had limited parental leave, and often, at least one parent had to return to work sooner than they’d like. Luckily, organizations are turning a new page when it comes to parental […]

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4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Buying New Workplace Tech

Unfortunately, not all workplace technology is created equal. In fact, a May survey from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services found that nearly four in 10 respondents said their technology systems make work harder, not easier. That means wasted time and money spent on a tool that created more problems than it solved. So, how can employers […]

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3 Ways Medical Sales Startups Can Compete for Top Talent

For many medical sales recruiters at startup companies, talent acquisition seems impossible. Larger, more established companies have more resources, an appealing sense of stability, and a wide range of benefits to offer top talent. Not to mention, they have the funds to better compensate employees. In fact, our 2018 Medical Sales Salary Report found that smaller […]

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Does Your Medical Sales Team Have Work-Life Balance? Read This Before Answering

Medical sales reps really can have it all — in both their personal and professional lives. And you would rate the majority of your reps as, overall, being satisfied with their careers. If you agree with these two idealistic statements, brace yourself for the striking facts to come. Believe it or not, an alarming one-third […]