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Candidate Sourcing Recruiting

4 Reasons You Need to Expand Your Medical Sales Talent Search

You’ve spent weeks looking for the right candidate. You want a professional with sales talent and medical sales expertise, but you can’t find any candidates that fit the bill. So you move on. You start looking for promising professionals from B2B industries, those who have worked with high value office equipment, and who have experience […]

Twitter Recruiting Tips from MedReps
Candidate Sourcing Recruiting

Twitter Recruiting: How to Recruit Medical Sales Talent on Twitter

Using Twitter for recruiting may seem informal and nontraditional, but it’s an effective way to find and add talented medical sales professionals to your team. As the job search becomes more and more social, Twitter presents a great opportunity to make personal connections with qualified professionals, to speed-up the recruiting process. Use these tips to […]

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Recruiting on LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting without Spending a Fortune Medical sales recruiters know that LinkedIn is no passing recruiting fad. The professional networking site promises to be a valuable resource for recruiters, which is why 90% of job posters on MedReps have profiles on the site. But having a profile doesn’t indicate whether or […]

Candidate Sourcing Recruiting

Infographic: The Profile of a Sales Job Candidate

Data from a 2012 survey of nearly 600 members reveals 89% of our sales job candidates have industry experience. More than a decade ago, a small group of medical sales recruiters in search of a specific candidate profile created a website to exclusively post medical sales jobs. Word quickly spread among medical sales professionals […]

Candidate Sourcing Recruiting

Sales Recruitment Strategies publishes a quarterly Medical Sales Jobs Report in which we track the number of sales jobs posted online. While the medical sales industry certainly has some additional factors to consider, there’s still likely to be some correlation between medical sales recruitment strategies and sales hiring in other industries. Hiring and retention are becoming major issues […]