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Breaking into Medical Sales Entry Level Job Search On The Job

Medical Job Search: What To Do When You Aren’t Qualified

Emma knew her dream career was in medical sales. The idea of taking charge, selling doctors quality products that will help their patients, and feeling passionate about what she does every day sounded perfect. She couldn’t wait to start. However, once she entered the medical job search, she realized it was more challenging and frustrating […]

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Insider Secrets to Landing a Pharmaceutical Sales Job

  Pharma sales jobs are some of the most highly sought after jobs in healthcare. With the impressive average pharmaceutical sales salary and plenty of other perks, pharma jobs are still highly competitive. While the number of pharma sales jobs is significantly lower now than it was 10 years ago, the job is still important […]

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Ask Linda… I feel trapped in my niche

You’ve got job search questions? We’ve got answers. Here at MedReps, we hear from candidates every day with questions about their job search. We’re unable to answer every question individually, but we’ve teamed up with longtime medical and pharmaceutical sales recruiter Linda Hertz to provide answers. Linda is not only a medical sales recruiter, but […]

Sales Rep Melanie Zembrzuski
Breaking into Medical Sales Entry Level Job Search Tips On The Job

Med Rep Story: How one member landed a “dream” healthcare sales job

The challenge Melanie Zembrzuski didn’t really need a new job, but as she found out, that is typically the best time to find one. Employed in healthcare sales with 1 company for 13 years, Zembrzuski was ready to move into a different segment. She knew she would need to join a reputable, niche job site in order […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Entry Level Job Search On The Job

Med Rep Story: Breaking into Medical Sales

How one longtime MedReps member got the job of his dreams Jonathan Lester is a busy man, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Lester spends his days on the road and at hospitals selling disposable surgical products for Ecolab’s Microtek Medical division. His territory consists of all of the state of Arkansas and […]

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What is a Med Rep?

What Does a Medical Sales Rep Do? There is a lot of controversy when it comes to exactly who qualifies as a “med rep” and what a medical sales rep does. First, it’s important you understand one thing. At MedReps.com, we define a med rep as anyone selling or representing a product or service that […]

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BREAKING INTO MEDICAL SALES: How to Get Entry Level Medical Sales Jobs

The job search keeps evoloving! The tips in this article were updated in August 2020. —- So, you want a job in health care sales. You’ve done some research, and you know it won’t be easy, but you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes. But what exactly does it take?  You probably […]