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Stop! Spinning Your Message to Job Seekers is Killing Your Brand

A whopping 90 percent of candidates are open to new job opportunities — and they want to hear from you, according to LinkedIn’s recent report, Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate. In fact, the report also found 63 percent feel flattered when recruiters reach out to them. These stats should motivate you to reach out […]

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3 Skills Your Candidates Need to Take On the Next Gen of Healthcare Employees

There’s a new generation of healthcare employees on the horizon and you need to get ready for them. Their new viewpoints, increased passion, and innovative approaches to care won’t just be changing patients’ lives — it’ll be changing who you hire. In a recent Forbes article, Robert Peal, M.D., described the next generation of healthcare […]

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Go Beyond Traditional Flexible Work – Offer Medical Sales Talent These Unique Options

If you consider flexible work an unnecessary or even disruptive benefit, you may want to reconsider. Many employees and employers find it a crucial factor that improves the employee experience and, in turn, overall workforce performance. In fact, 45 percent of flexible workers say their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively has increased, according to […]

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These Superskills Will Move Your Medical Sales Recruiting Into the Future

You’ve mastered identifying soft and hard skills in job seekers. Now, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) has identified a whole new set of skills you need to find in candidates. This list of five superskills is helping recruiters everywhere prepare for the future, rather than attempting to simply backfill today’s needs. In a report […]

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This Recruiting Technology Has the Power to Enhance Your Candidate Relationships and Retention

The future of recruiting isn’t in technology. Successful, effective, retention-focused recruiting relies on relationship-based technology. The Institute for The Future says it best in their latest report, The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships: “Human-machine partnerships will enable people to find and act on information without interference of emotions or external bias, while also exercising human […]

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4 Reasons Job Auditions are the Future of Medical Sales Recruiting

It’s time to pull the cloth off of traditional interviews and reveal their true identity. That’s exactly what recruiters in LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report are doing. In fact, 63 percent feel traditional interviews fall short when it comes to assessing candidate soft skills, and 57 percent said the same about understanding candidate weaknesses. […]

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4 Strategies Medical Sales Recruiters Need to Put in Their Budget

Companies large and small will be impacted by the final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Whether you’re a large company receiving tax cuts or a smaller business with increased deductions, you’ll have some form of ‘new’ cash this year. No matter what your personal opinion is about the tax bill, it’s important […]

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The One Thing Medical Sales Employees Say Your Company Needs

Travelling, hitting personal goals, starting on the road — all of these are traits of successful medical sales reps. Unfortunately, they’re also major team building roadblocks. Forming a cohesive bond between co-workers in the sales field isn’t a one-step, easy process. However, it’s a workplace factor medical sales employees say they need. In fact, in […]

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Study Says Recruiters Are Increasing Hiring. Be Prepared to Impress Every Single One

Over the past decade, we’ve heard a great deal about the job shortage making it difficult for even the most qualified talent to find a job. But the tables have turned. In fact, 55 percent of recruiters in the U.S. and Canada say they expect their hiring volume to increase over the next year, according […]

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No Experience, No Problem. How to Teach Anyone the Art of Medical Sales

“Keep yourself positive, cheerful, and goal-oriented. Sales success is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude.” Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker, understands the importance of who you hire, versus what they’ve done. However, this isn’t the popular opinion in many medical sales recruiters’ offices. Because medical sales is a niche market that requires a […]