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Career Growth

3 Simple Tips to Educate Yourself If Medical Sales College Isn’t Right For You

Medical Sales College is a licensed and regulated college dedicated to medical device sales education. It specializes in placing candidates with no device-specific experience in the field. While the college has successfully placed over 1,100 graduates in medical device careers, it isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t have the time or money for this type […]

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3 Supportive Ways to Save Employees From the Caregiving Crisis

Children, spouses, parents, loved ones — most people have cared for one of these groups at some point in their lives. Often times, the pressure of finding professionals you trust to care for those loved ones, and paying for that care, becomes insurmountable. The majority of your employees are likely going through those same inner […]

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When Customers Become Friends: 3 Ways to Separate Business From Personal

Traditional business models warn strongly against mixing business with personal life. Of course, this is for good reason. The waters get clouded when too many emotions are thrown into the mix. However, the way we build professional relationships is rapidly changing — laying this old business model to rest. Social media and new marketing tactics […]

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3 Sales Analytic Tools You Need to Supercharge Your Career

Trial and error have always been a huge part of the sales process. In medical sales jobs, reps applied what they believed previously worked best and used intelligent guesses to hopefully hit the mark. Starting in 2017, this all changed. Over 50 percent of companies adopted big data, according to the 2017 Big Data Analytics […]

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4 Side-Hustles For Medical Sales Reps

According to Betterment’s 2018 Report, one in three US workers are freelancing in some manner. In fact, many are opting for the side hustle — an income opportunity on the side. For some freelancers, the side hustle is a way to pour passion into a side project with the hope it blossoms into more. For […]

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4 Tips to Earn an MBA While Remaining at the Top of Your Sales Leaderboard

Joanna Piazza, Health System Account Manager with Sysmex America, didn’t start her career with an MBA. Actually, she was a successful medical sales rep for 10 years before deciding to go back to school. But now that she’s earned those three important letters, Piazza wouldn’t go back to working in medical sales without it. 0

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3 Ways to Fuel Your Medical Sales Career with Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m once again thinking about all I’m grateful for this year. As I go down the list, from family to career and everything in between, I can feel my mindset from a stressful week shift. I feel a sense of gratitude and relief washing over me, calming my mind. With a new […]

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4 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Troubled Medical Sales Company

The last few years have been plagued by corporate controversies. Almost every month, there’s another breaking headline that leads to a CEO resigning or employees being let go. As for the employees left behind, they’re faced with a serious question: should I stay, or should I go? In fact, an ongoing survey from Officevibe found […]

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3 Mental Health Tips for Medical Sales Reps on the Road

Being in the healthcare industry, you understand how important it is to take care of yourself. But, what many medical sales reps forget is that this also means nurturing your mental health. Mental health problems are more common than you might think and being in a high-stress job can put you at higher risk. In […]

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3 Reasons to Start a Medical Sales Journey in Durable Medical Equipment

Ding, ding, ding. A new leader has reached the top of the medical sales income board. Last year, health IT/software took home the No. 1 income spot with an average total compensation of $176,012. This year, however, it dipped below the top three spots, according to our 2018 8th Annual Medical Sales Salary report. Rising […]