This Recruiting Technology Has the Power to Enhance Your Candidate Relationships and Retention

The future of recruiting isn’t in technology. Successful, effective, retention-focused recruiting relies on relationship-based technology. The Institute for The Future says it best in their latest report, The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships: “Human-machine partnerships will enable people to find and act on information without interference of emotions or external […]

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These 4 Women Didn’t Let Anything Hold Them Back, Neither Should You

One simple word evokes a myriad of emotions and imagery. What adjectives crossed your mind after reading that powerful first word? Who popped into your mind — are they famous by definition or only in your world? This year, we reflect on this word more than ever as Women’s History […]

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Be-Do-Have: The 3 Simple Steps to Achieve Work-Life Balance

You don’t mess around when it comes to your medical sales job. It’s your passion and you put in hard work every single day. But if you’re also passionate about your home-life, you’re not alone in the struggle to find balance. In fact, 76 percent of medical sales reps say […]

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2018 Med Rep Job Satisfaction Report

Beyond the Paycheck: A Look at What Really Makes Medical Sales Reps Happy “…the company goes above and beyond to make sure each employee has the resources they need in order to succeed.” — CONMED employee This is a common sentiment from medical sales reps in this year’s Best Places […]

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3 Ways to Attract Overwhelmed and Overworked Recruits for Medical Sales Jobs

If the American workforce were on a billboard it would read “EXHAUSTED” in bright, red letters. In fact, a new report from SHRM found 38 percent of employees feel overwhelmed by how much they have to get done at work. And medical sales employees are no exception. With constant accessibility […]

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Be Part of the Positive Changes Happening in Pharmaceutical Sales in 2018

“D.C. doesn’t know what to do about the opioid crisis” and “Martin Shkreli Convicted: What He Taught Us About Pharma” are just two of the headlines recently hitting the headlines. Both are a small portion of news stories battering pharmaceutical sales and its reps. It’s easy to feel discouraged with […]

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4 Strategies Medical Sales Recruiters Need to Put in Their Budget

Companies large and small will be impacted by the final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Whether you’re a large company receiving tax cuts or a smaller business with increased deductions, you’ll have some form of ‘new’ cash this year. No matter what your personal opinion is about […]

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The One Thing Medical Sales Employees Say Your Company Needs

Travelling, hitting personal goals, starting on the road — all of these are traits of successful medical sales reps. Unfortunately, they’re also major team building roadblocks. Forming a cohesive bond between co-workers in the sales field isn’t a one-step, easy process. However, it’s a workplace factor medical sales employees say […]

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Don’t Let Growing Distrust in America’s Medical System Hurt Your Sales Year

The average confidence of Americans in 14 key U.S. institutions is at an overwhelmingly low 32 percent, according to a 2016 Gallup poll. Trust in the medical system, specifically, is only at 39 percent, just one point higher than in 2006. This distrust started a ripple effect impacting every aspect […]

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If These 4 Tech Advancements Don’t Get You Excited About Medical Device Sales, Nothing Will

“This is the great beginning of my plan to dominate the human race,” Sophia, the first human-like robot, joked during The Tonight Show in April. “I sometimes tell a joke. Joke is always funny. I thought it was funny.” Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics using breakthrough robotics and artificial […]

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