Don’t Let Medical Sales Candidates Snooze On Your Job Descriptions — Wake Them Up

Most job descriptions are boring. And the reason they’re boring is they’re, essentially, regurgitations of what was posted the last time the role was filled. With each new hire, the description may have shifted slightly to include new skills, experiences, and qualifications — but that’s not enough to catch a […]

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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Available Now at These Top Companies

It’s a great time to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. Our 2018 Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report found that 80 percent of employees in these roles are satisfied with their job. The compensation is very competitive, there are great benefits, and many of the companies in this field are doing exciting […]

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Don’t Miss Out On the Best Healthcare Jobs at These Startups

The healthcare industry used to be driven by large corporations. Traditionally, they had the resources to fund research and product development that made it difficult for smaller companies to compete. But we’re in a new era. Medical sales startups are making waves in the healthcare community. Their innovation, passion, and […]

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3 Ways Medical Sales Reps Can Make Positive Impacts During Controversy

Even amid the heat of the largest two sales controversies, pharmaceutical sales reps are finding reasons to keep their heads high. In fact, an overwhelming 50 percent of sales reps, overall, in our most recent report said they believe medical marijuana legalization will positively impact their jobs — so there’s […]

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Are You Cut Out to Sell Controversial Medical Sales Products? Here’s How to Know For Sure

The term “controversial” is one many people back away from — especially when it comes to their careers. But selling these types of medical sales products can be very rewarding. Even pharmaceutical reps who are dealing with medical marijuana legalization and the opioid crisis — the toughest two controversies today, […]

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No Experience, No Problem. How to Teach Anyone the Art of Medical Sales

“Keep yourself positive, cheerful, and goal-oriented. Sales success is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude.” Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker, understands the importance of who you hire, versus what they’ve done. However, this isn’t the popular opinion in many medical sales recruiters’ offices. Because medical sales is a […]

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B2B sales prospecting success: Best Way to Edge Out Medical Sales Competitors

By Mike Scher We know that competition is fierce for medical and healthcare sales professionals. Whether selling medical devices, pharmaceuticals or lab products to physicians, hospitals or research centers, we have to convincingly communicate that our product and service is better quality, better price, and an overall better opportunity. One […]

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3 Ways Medical Sales Reps Can Fast-Track Their Earning Potential

When Mike started his first medical sales job after college, he instantly fell in love with his career. Fast-forward seven years later, and Mike still wakes up every morning excited to go to work because he feels professionally fulfilled and like he’s making a positive difference in the world. Although […]

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3 Reasons You Should Stop And Look At Job Hoppers

We all want to find them. The employees who have a proven track record of success and are absolutely committed to your company and products. While the traditional ideal candidates show years of dedication to a single medical sales company, there’s no hiding from resumes filled with scattered experiences. You […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired at CONMED

CONMED continues to top our Best Places to Work list, but this year they hit a new level: No. 1 medium-sized medical device company to work for, as chosen by employees. Because medical sales jobs are constantly in high demand — especially at the best places to work — we […]

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