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Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview: Tell Me About Yourself

This is the moment. You updated your resume with a professional resume editing service. you submitted what seems like hundreds of applications and made countless follow up calls. Now, you’ve finally arrived at the moment of truth – the interview. Are you prepared? Of course you’re prepared! You’ve researched the company, you’ve memorized the job […]

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Facebook for Medical Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals

In a 2009 survey of members, 74% of pharmaceutical sales and medical sales reps confessed to being regular acebook users. Of course, this news probably doesn’t surprise you; Facebook now has over 400 million users worldwide, so of course savvy medical sales professionals would be a part of the trend. Facebook began as a […]

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Allergan – Jobs in Biopharma

As a multi-specialty healthcare company, Allergan jobs offer candidates the chance to represent a wide range of products. Allergan was recently singled out in the “Best Place to Work in Healthcare Sales” survey as the preferred employer of respondents seeking jobs with biopharma and biotech companies. Candidates gave the following reasons for seeking out […]

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How to Use Twitter to Advance Your Medical Sales Career

Every industry is buzzing about online social networking. Once used primarily as a way for friends to interact online, the most talked about social networking site, Twitter, allows users to actively engage with people they may never meet outside of cyberspace. You may be skeptical about how this social phenomenon relates to your medical sales […]