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How to Look Good On a Medical Sales Resume When the Numbers Tell a Different Tale

Three resume tips to overcome lackluster, inconsistent sales stats When it comes to hiring in the world of pharma or medical device sales, hiring managers want candidates whose sales resume shows a strong track record of success – judged by his/her ability to individually or lead a team that meets quota, ranks highly and earns awards. […]

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How to Write a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Get Noticed With a Strong Pharmaceutical Sales Resume No matter where you are in your pharmaceutical sales career, you need a well-written pharmaceutical sales resume that accurately conveys your knowledge, skills, and experience. As you search for pharmaceutical sales jobs online, you will notice the competition in the job market is stiff, and it’s essential […]

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Resume Tips from a Medical Sales Recruiter

With competition in the healthcare sales job market growing, candidates rely more and more on a strong resume to catch the attention of hiring managers at medical companies. MedReps sat down with Lisa Manley of Joppa Medical Recruiting to find out what sales professionals can do to boost their chances of finding a new medical […]

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Get Found: Everything you need to know about the Resume Database

You set up job alerts, scan job postings daily, and submit resumes when appropriate, but why should you be the one doing all the searching? Allowing the job posters to search for you would likely speed things up a bit, right? By creating a searchable profile on, you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting noticed […]

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Optimize your Medical Sales Resume for an Electronic Search

In a competitive market like medical sales market, it’s not enough to have experience. Even if you communicate your impressive employment history in a well-written resume, you are likely to be overlooked if your medical sales resume is not optimized for an electronic search.   No doubt you’ve heard of search engine optimization – a technique to make […]