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Best Places To Work: How Stryker Keeps Topping The Lists

“I’m proud to tell others I work here.”

That’s what you’ll hear a remarkable 96 percent of Stryker Corporation’s employees enthusiastically proclaim, according to Fortune’s 2017 edition of  100 Best Companies To Work For.

Right in line with their multi-year win on Medreps’ Best Places to Work report, Stryker has now landed on Fortune’s list of top 100 companies at number 19.

Stryker’s employees say they believe their company has great challenges, atmosphere, rewards, pride, communication, and bosses, but what is their leadership doing to continually earn them a spot on multiple best places to work lists?

Here’s what Cari Rutkoskie, director of employment brand strategy at Stryker has to say about it:

Valuing people above all else

cari-rutkoskieStryker’s leaders truly believe people are the company’s greatest asset. Above all else, their core values focus on the employees they bring onboard. Taking their time in hiring to ensure employees are the right fit gives the team reassurance that new hires will align with company culture and values.
During onboarding and through an employee’s life-cycle, leaders set their team up for success by providing challenging work and the ability to grow.

“I’ve been here for 22 years and have stayed for so long because of the emphasis Stryker places on its people,” said Rutkoskie.

Supporting employees and what they love

Stryker’s leaders make their support obvious by focusing on employee experience. No matter what they’re working on or who they’re working with, Stryker wants team members to feel comfortable and immersed in teamwork.

This means it’s crucial to understand candidates and onboard new hires in a way that will enhance the company culture that’s already in place.

Rutkoskie said, “Employees love working at a company where there are shared values. They want to work with people who can be their friends both inside and outside of work.”

Employees should never be forced into a mold.

The main goal for companies like Stryker is to promote employees’ experiences beyond simply clocking-in and out. When your team feels connected from the beginning, their ability to collaborate and share passions for projects will naturally move motivation and productivity forward.

Focusing on making employees’ lives better

strykerKeeping in line with this theme, Stryker’s leaders refuse to stop positively changing company culture to better employees’ lives.

“They listen to what employees need and want. Leaders and managers are focused on giving employees what they’ve asked for in a way that will benefit everyone,” Rutkoskie said.

Work-life balance is a company perk leaders don’t take lightly. Their goal is making sure employees and their families are taken care of through flexible work lives. Just last year, they improved employees’ benefits and work-life balance by launching a new parental leave policy in the U.S.

How to be one of the best

Companies are always searching for ways to be the best — have the best product, best employees, and be the best employer. However, many continue to miss the mark.

Stryker’s secret is hidden in plain sight — their employees are crucial all the time. After focusing on finding employees who fit well into their company framework and company culture, they continue developing them.

Rutkoskie said, “It’s OK to start out in an entry-level position. Leaders and managers guide and nurture employees as they grow in their career and life.”

Stryker isn’t afraid to let employees explore their many talents and passions within the company. This not only lets employees know leaders care about their development, but also keeps them engaged and motivated. Allowing employees to try on different roles based on skills and interests keeps their team moving within the company, rather than exploring with others.