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Don’t Miss Out On the Best Healthcare Jobs at These Startups


The healthcare industry used to be driven by large corporations. Traditionally, they had the resources to fund research and product development that made it difficult for smaller companies to compete. But we’re in a new era.

Medical sales startups are making waves in the healthcare community. Their innovation, passion, and drive are attracting the best of medical sales job seekers. Plus, because of their small size, they are able to do business in a more agile way, making them agile when it comes to change.

As medical sales job seeker, it’s important to keep these companies on your radar. They can present exciting opportunities that align with your professional passions.

Here are four startups offering some of the best healthcare jobs:

Seeker Health — Palo Alto, California

Most healthcare innovations come from groundbreaking research. If biopharmaceutical companies can’t find the right patients for their clinical trials, they can’t develop the next generation of treatments. Seeker Health uses digital and social media to find patients willing to join clinical trials.

After a decade in the healthcare industry, founder and CEO Sandra Shpilberg started Seeker Health. She saw the industry had no streamlined way to enroll participants into clinical studies. Now, thanks to Seeker Health, interested patients can begin pre-screening with the click of a button they see on social media.

Since a massive amount of clinical trial time is spent locating and recruiting participants, Seeker Health speeds up the process. As a result, research and treatments for cancer and rare diseases are available sooner.

Care+Wear — New York, New York

Let’s face it, traditional clothing is not designed for medical treatments. When patients have treatment ports, accessing these sites while keeping them clean can be difficult. Thankfully, Care+Wear has developed a line of antimicrobial apparel to make treatments easier for patients.  

The company started in 2014 when a friend of the founders was undergoing chemotherapy via a PICC line. He was told to cover the line with a cut tube sock in between treatment — and the sock became an ugly, constant reminder of his illness.

Today, the company has branched out to other products like medical gowns that allow patients to lead better, more fashionable lives. The company even partnered with the fashion brand Oscar de la Renta in honor of de la Renta himself, who underwent chemotherapy but unfortunately passed away in 2014.

Medici — Austin, Texas

Whether it’s the flu, a sprained ankle, or a possible allergic reaction, there’s nothing more frustrating than being sick and unable to reach your doctor. The healthcare app Medici allows patients to communicate with their doctor in a secure and convenient way. Patients get their questions answered without making an appointment, and doctors get more billable hours without additional overhead.

The company’s mission is dedicated to changing the doctor-patient relationship so it’s more beneficial and time-efficient for both parties. That vision is resonating with a lot of people in the healthcare industry. In June, Medici announced that it had raised $22 million in investments.

Prognos — New York, New York

In many cases, the sooner a course of treatment is decided upon, the better the outcome. This is why Prognos pairs AI, clinical data, and analytic technologies to help patients make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

One of the biggest ways the company is disrupting the healthcare industry is by collecting and analyzing data from disparate sources. This allows their platform to break down more data with the hope of diagnosing and treating diseases sooner.

The company is only a year old but is growing so fast that it already has more than 80 employees. It’s also raised over $20 million in investment funding.

What are some other great healthcare startups to keep an eye on? Share in the comments.