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3 Secrets You Need to Know About Healthcare Sales Recruiters

An overwhelming 87 percent of healthcare sales recruiters said a candidate’s resume and cover letter are the most important part of the showing qualifications, according to our recent report, Stop Selling Yourself Short: What Every Medical Sales Recruiter Needs From You. So you spend hours updating your resume and cover letter for every single job […]

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Impress Your Tech-Savvy Medical Sales Employees With These 5 Wellness Apps

Your medical sales team is no stranger to constantly evolving technology. No matter what product you offer, their knowledge and tech savviness goes above and beyond to keep up with clients’ needs and demands. Unfortunately, they’re also familiar with the pressures, stress, and feelings of general poor health. The demands of the job combined with […]

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7 Questions You Need to Ask When Breaking Into Medical Sales With a Startup

Startup companies are taking the healthcare world by storm. The combination of innovation and passion for the public’s health is driving them forward faster than ever. Neurology startup Magnolia Neurosciences, for example, just raised $31 million in Series A round funding. Funding like this is propelling startups forward and creating a huge opportunity for job […]

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Be the Change You Want to See in the Medical Sales Industry

Americans have spoken about the quality of healthcare — and their outlook isn’t encouraging. Unfortunately, only 54 percent rated the quality of healthcare in the U.S. as excellent/good, that’s the lowest ratings since 2012 according to a 2017 Gallup poll. Along with this low rating comes a hard hit from a new Netflix documentary ‘The […]

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How to Effectively Deal with Skepticism in the Medical Sales Industry

When you’re a medical sales rep, dealing with skepticism is just part of the job. Many doctors are visited by sales reps every day. These reps make claims about why their product is best. The physicians must be able to filter through all the information and help their patients make the best choices for their […]

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Increase Pharmaceutical Sales by Overcoming the Educational Barrier

The current opioid crisis in the U.S. is a delicate subject for the pharmaceutical sales industry. Patients, doctors, and sales reps, alike, didn’t truly anticipate the negative impact of increased opioid prescription sales. It was this lack of education that led to an addiction epidemic and a lack of trust in pharmaceutical sales reps. In […]

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3 Ways to Hit Medical Sales Goals When Tech Fails You

Technology makes many aspects of your medical sales job easier and more effective, allowing you to meet with more customers and better understand their needs. But when this tech fails, many medical sales reps are at a loss about what to do. Take, for instance, a 2017 report that found one in three medical devices […]

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3 Ways Job Seekers Can Impress Growing Medical Sales Companies

Advancements in medicine and technology have made it an exciting time in the medical sales industry. Companies are growing and creating a new world of career possibilities for medical sales reps. Chances are, no matter what your dream company is, there’s an open job there for you. But with all these new opportunities, there’s also increased […]

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Keeping Your Medical Sales Customers Loyal While on Parental Leave

Starting a family is an exciting time. But traditionally, figuring out how to balance work and a new baby has been tough. New parents had limited parental leave, and often, at least one parent had to return to work sooner than they’d like. Luckily, organizations are turning a new page when it comes to parental […]

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4 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Troubled Medical Sales Company

The last few years have been plagued by corporate controversies. Almost every month, there’s another breaking headline that leads to a CEO resigning or employees being let go. As for the employees left behind, they’re faced with a serious question: should I stay, or should I go? In fact, an ongoing survey from Officevibe found […]