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7 Steps to Getting Your Desired Medical Sales Results

A new year means new goals to meet for medical sales reps. Regardless of your niche, whether it’s medical equipment, prescription drugs, medical devices or even biotech, you have to plan in advance if you want to meet your sales targets.

7 Steps to Getting Your Desired Medical Sales Results

Those aren’t the only goals to shoot for, either. There are plenty of others that you can set for yourself in order to grab those medical sales results. Here are seven steps to getting your desired medical sales results.

1) Examine Last Year’s Results

In order to see how far you have to go, as well as set reasonable goals for the new year, you’ll have to see how you finished up in the previous year.

As yourself the following questions:

What were your sales numbers? How many new clients did you pick up? Did you attend any trainings to learn new skills? Did you try some new client capture and tracking software?

By honestly evaluating which of your goals you met last year, you know where to go in the year to come.

2) Set New Goals for Yourself

Once you’ve examined last year’s numbers, it’s time to set some new goals. Typically, moving that goalpost by 20%, as in getting 20% more sales throughout the new year, is the way to go. However, you can change that number as much as you want. In a tough market and want to be more realistic? Try going for 10% more sales made. Feel like challenging yourself? Go with 30 or 40%. While you’re planning out your sales goals, don’t forget to include any that your company sets for you. You may also have to meet their sales goals at the same time.

In addition to setting numeric sales goals, you can also choose some additional ones, like obtaining a certain number of new customers, attending a training session or two, or even aiming for a promotion to a higher sales position at work. The great news? The goals are all up to you!

3) Determine Your Existing Clients’ Needs

The next step involves figuring out what your current clients need. This can be anything from physical products that you can sell to them to additional customer service calls and follow up. Take a look at what you provided for them last year and find ways to improve it. Maybe you didn’t send them timely information about a new product or failed to follow up in a fair amount of time. Both of these are things that you can do in the new year in order to meet their needs and keep them as customers.

4) Focus on Finding New Prospective Buyers

Another goal to set for the new year involves finding new prospects. In order to get your desired medical sales results, you need to find new people to sell your products to. Consider choosing a specific number, rather than simply writing your goal as “find new customers.” By setting your goal in numerical form, you’ll be more likely to actually meet it. 

5) Find Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

In which ways did you customer service falter over the past year? Did you not follow up soon enough? Did you mean to create an email newsletter for your clients but never got around to it? Did you fail to solve any issues that your customers had? All of these things can be improved on and should be a part of your sales plan for the next year. After all, good customer service usually translates into loyal customers.

6) Update Your Sales Skills

Next, consider what you could improve, besides your customer service. Your sales skills are one good option to focus on. Whether you take a course online, find an in-person sales skills class at a local school, or attend a workshop put on by your employer, it’s up to you to ensure that your skills are up to date and effective. This could be the difference between meeting your new goals and not even coming close to them.

7) Put Together a Sales Plan

Finally, you need to take all of the pieces that you just went through and turn them into a solid sales plan. Pick whichever format works best for you, either written down on paper, typed into a Word or Google document, or entered into the notes section of your sales software.

Formally writing this up makes it much more likely that you’ll follow through and take the steps needed to meet your new goals. After all, this sales plan will make you a better employee and make sure that you get the medical sales results that you want.