6 Ways Mobile Recruiting Is Changing the Way We Hire [WHITEPAPER]

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Ninety-six times. 

On average, that’s the number of times Americans check their phones a day, according to an August 2019 survey conducted by Asurion. That equates to once every 10 minutes, which is a 20% daily increase from a similar survey Asurion conducted two years ago. 

These high usage numbers make it no surprise that Jobvite’s 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report revealed 18% of job seekers apply from a mobile device, and 29% use both mobile devices and desktops to apply. 

Obviously, medical sales recruiting can’t survive without a mobile-optimized application process. These channels allow job seekers to be constantly connected with their job search and readily available to respond when recruiters and managers reach out with opportunities. 

Beyond being easily accessible, candidates are reaping the benefits of taking their job search with them wherever they go with easier application steps and even submitting pre-made LinkedIn profiles in lieu of formal job applications. 

But what does mobile-optimization mean for hiring managers and recruiters in medical sales recruiting? We created a whitepaper to share exactly what it means. 

In our whitepaper, everyone involved in the medical sales recruiting process will discover how mobile-optimization: 

    • Creates easier access to candidates
    • Makes a non-stop recruiting process
    • Decreases the need for ATS
  • Taking away the necessity for paper resumes

And more! 

Download the whitepaper today to explore how mobile technology is changing the face of medical sales recruiting. 

Download Mobile Recruiting Whitepaper