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5 Communication Courses to Sharpen Your Skills

If you’re in sales, you know that you need to constantly be learning and growing to stay on top of your game. Investing in yourself is investing in your career and, ultimately, your success. Luckily, with remote learning becoming more and more popular, you don’t even have to leave your home to get access to top learning courses. 

With so many topics out there in the world though, where should you start? Take a moment and think about what successful salespeople do best. They relate to customers. They understand and read social situations well. And they react accordingly to bring the deal home. 

Boiled down and simplified: they effectively communicate and connect with others. Communication skills can be grown and strengthened through practice and with just a little help from expert coaches. Effective communication is engaging, clear, and also memorable. 

Let’s jump right in. We’ve gathered the top 5 online communication skills training courses for you. Dive in and grow your abilities and your confidence now: – Communicating with Confidence 

Cost: 1-month free trial, then $29.99/month

What You’ll Learn: This intermediate course, taught by Jeff Ansell, covers all of the pieces of effective public speaking. From body language to projecting, exuding confidence, and overcoming anxieties, you can practice these strategies and tips for immediate results. At the end of the course, Ansell brings all of his teachings together in real-world coaching exercises, so you can see how they look in action. At just over an hour, this communication skills training is jam-packed with ways to bolster your confidence and your abilities. – The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life

Cost: $129.99 

What You’ll Learn: With almost 10,000 ratings and over 64,000 students, this workshop includes lifetime access to videos, articles, downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion. You’ll unpack how to communicate in all business situations confidently and clearly, and you’ll also learn how to be more memorable in your communications. Additionally, this communication skills training gives you the opportunity to practice on video and receive feedback. – Write Better Emails: Tactics for Smarter Team Communication 

Cost: $39.99

What You’ll Learn: A Udemy best-selling communication skills training, this course focuses on writing clear messages, avoiding common errors, and saving time when communicating via email. Get folks to open, understand, and respond to your emails by mastering these etiquette and communication tips. 

HubSpot – The Ultimate Guide to Communication

Cost: Free

What You’ll Learn: This free course is all about defining effective communication and identifying the top ways to ensure you’re being understood and that you’re understanding the person you’re talking to. Additionally, it unpacks common barriers that can complicate effective communication, such as physical, psychological, and language barriers. You’ll also learn what is your communication style and how to talk to someone with a style different from your own. – Winning With Communication – Master Your Communication Skills

Cost: Free

What You’ll Learn: Allison is one of the largest platforms that offers free education for all, including top communication skills training. This course focuses on the fundamentals of communication and builds upon them. You’ll tackle how to make connections with the people you engage and learn how to influence them. You’ll also have the opportunity to unpack how to leverage these skills to advance your career and all areas of your life. 

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