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4 Ways to Earn Referrals Without Upsetting Your Current Work Dynamics


To get the best sales jobs, you need top notch referrals.

In fact, according to Jobvite’s 9th Annual Recruiter Nation Report, 78 percent of recruiters rank referrals as the best source for quality hires. There finally seems to be a simple solution for getting on recruiters’ radar.

Now that you understand what recruiters want, you can go round up referrals and get offers for the best sales jobs out there, right? Not exactly. You don’t want anyone at your current company to know you’re job searching just yet.

Between co-workers and customers, you have plenty of connections, but asking any of them for a referral could lead to a leak about your job search to your manager or employer.  

Fortunately, there is an effective way to get referrals without offending anyone. Here are four steps to get yourself referred to medicals sales recruiters:

1. Be an expert on social media

Many job seekers think referrals only happen when they flat out ask someone to share their skills and traits. But quality referrals actually come in all shapes and sizes. Showing off your expertise and soft skills on social media is a great place to start.

As recruiters search for talented sales reps, they’re looking to their own connections on social media for suggestions. Positioning yourself as a thought leader heightens the chances that they’ll pass on your name to a recruiter.

Join LinkedIn and Facebook groups and start following medical sales influencers. In the groups, get involved in conversations. Stand out by sharing your honest opinions, while remaining professional and open-minded.

On all platforms, share your own or other forward-thinking articles to show you’re staying updated on all things medical sales. Also, add your own thoughts to the post so connections see you’re not afraid to voice your opinion.

2. Reconnect with former educators and employers

Current employers, co-workers, and customers aren’t the only ones who know the innate qualities that make you a quality candidate for the best sales jobs. Your former teachers and employers are familiar with your technical and soft sales skills, as well.

Get in touch with your college professors and previous employers. No matter what class they taught or what field employers were in, ask them to reach out to potential employers and share what makes you a highly-qualified medical sales candidate.

Make it as easy as possible for people to refer you. Send the job description, the recruiter’s contact information, and why you feel their referral will make a positive impact on the recruiter.

3. Open up to friends and family

The most obvious, but often overlooked, referral line is standing right in front of you. While you don’t want your mom and dad calling and raving about all of your natural abilities, they likely know someone who would be glad to speak on your behalf.

Open up about your job search and referral needs to friends and family members. Discuss the importance of quality referrals for increasing your chances of landing the best sales jobs to drive your point home.

4. Find volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are a great way to make referral connections. By volunteering at hospitals and other medical facilities, you’re not just presented with the opportunity to network, but also you have the chance to meet current medical sales reps and potential future customers.

As you’re meeting new people, be honest in your passion for medical sales and desire to find a new job. You never know who you’ll meet or who they know in the medical sales industry.

How do you get referrals without offending your current employer? Let us know!