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4 Tips to Prove Your Medical Sales Company Is Parent-Friendly

There’s a stress epidemic swarming through companies. Employees are striving to find a perfect balance between work and their personal lives. Medical sales reps are pushing for their companies to improve work-life balance. In fact, 61 percent of medical sales reps reported work-life balance is the most important factor in their jobs in our 2019 9th Annual Medical Sales Salary Report

For parents, especially, balance is key to a fulfilling career. Gallup reports the top two stressors for Americans are work and children. So it’s critical recruiters show medical sales reps which companies are parent-friendly. 

Yet, even the biggest companies struggle to prove they’re parent-friendly. A former Google employee, for example, recently published a letter revealing she left the company after being discriminated against while pregnant. 

While you may not have experienced this level of scrutiny, top talent is out there searching. They’re looking at reviews, social media, and your career site to understand if company leaders are focused on creating ideal working environments for parents. 

Here’s what you need to do to prove you’re a parent-friendly company:

1. Show work is assigned in advance.

Most parents are planners — they have to be. With medical sales reps scheduling ahead to plan meetings with customers, they also have to schedule out their personal lives. 

Reps’ carefully-planned to-do lists are there to help them succeed professionally and as a parent. Last-minute tasks or goal changes throw wrenches into the already present chaos. Show candidates and example of a pre-planned monthly workload. Show them what their normal day-to-day will look like and explain how current team members who are parents work all these tasks into their schedules.

Of course, last-minute items will pop-up. Let medical sales candidates know how schedules and priorities can be adjusted. Discuss how often there is wiggle-room and if reps are allowed to say “I can’t right now” without any added guilt. 

2. Show collaboration on strategic work hours.

Medical sales reps know their roles require plenty of working hours. However, it’s a company’s ability to offer flexibility that allows them to accomplish those hours and maintain healthy relationships at home.

When top medical sales talent hears your company offers flexibility for them to get to their kids’ soccer games on time, they’ll be more intrigued by your offers. Detail the importance of helping them find the flexibility that meets their needs as a parent in the job description. A simple note acknowledging that the company appreciates the time of all employees, understanding they have a life outside of work.

3. Be strategic and purposeful with communication.

We live in an always-on digital world. Medical sales reps are bombarded by communication all day long. Parents are juggling work messages with emails from the school, calls from kids about their forgotten lunch, and the list goes on. 

Don’t add to their list of growing notifications past office hours. Emailing them at 7 p.m. about a job opportunity could interrupt important family time. Show candidates the company allows space for employees to breathe by simply adhering to a strict “no communication” timeline. 

4. Let them know you believe in their power to succeed.

In Fortune’s 2017 Best Workplaces for Parents, 88 percent of mothers and 87 percent of fathers agreed their positions were more than “just a job.” Parents want to succeed in their careers, they just need companies that are willing to help them grow. 

Ask candidates about their career goals, directly. Why are they looking to move on from their current company? What makes medical sales more than “just a job” to them? What career support are do they feel would help them succeed? 

As they discuss these goals, form a plan and share how your company can help candidates accomplish them. Use direct examples of how leaders are currently supporting employees in their quests for reaching similar goals.