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4 Things to Remember About The Changing Medical World



Creating a better healthcare system in the U.S. is on Americans minds now more than ever. As regulations, legislation, research and development, and the opinion of medical sales companies evolve, it’s important for medical sales reps to change how they approach doctors, healthcare staff, and even patients.

Here are the latest trends and tips to keep you moving forward with the times:



Tip: Growing concerns with Trump’s presidency has many on edge regarding the     healthcare system. As medical sales pros, it’s important to let doctors and patients know your top priority, customer health and wellness, hasn’t changed by being even more present and hands-on. Set aside time to train doctors, staff, or even one-on-one time with patients.

  • Roche patient death raises questions in phase 3: After phase 3 of a hemophilia trial of bispecific antibody emicizumab, Roche has revealed that a patient died. The trial investigator ruled the death was unrelated to emicizumab. However, with the event following other reports of similar serious adverse reactions, it has increased questions about the safety of the experimental regimen.

Tip: Adverse reactions are always a top concern for consumers. If your company’s research and development team is hard at work bettering outcomes and lessening side effects, let doctors in on as many efforts as possible. Showing your team isn’t focused solely on the end sale will help you gain their trust and respect.

  • Doctors call for investments in primary care: As legislation continues to be a hot topic in healthcare, many doctors ask legislators to remember an important, but often forgotten about aspect of the healthcare system: primary care. The National Coalition on Health Care panel noted that, despite the role primary care plays in reducing healthcare costs, it still makes up only a fraction of what is spent on healthcare in the U.S.

Tip: While many medical sales pros sell products to doctors in specializations, it’s crucial to remember the importance of primary care treatments. Meet with primary physicians often to make sure they continue to feel like a priority. To help them even further, offer to meet with patients to explain your how to use your product correctly.

  • Doctors call for educational simulation: Thanks to veteran video game developer, Sam Glassenberg, companies are pioneering simulation technology for training clinicians. These personalized solutions will give doctors the ability to effectively train their teams with realistic content.

Tip: While your company may not have realistic training available for your products yet, the need for training remains the same. Set up a time for you or a colleague to train a doctor and their entire team to create a more unified learning process.

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