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4 Side-Hustles For Medical Sales Reps

medical salesAccording to Betterment’s 2018 Report, one in three US workers are freelancing in some manner. In fact, many are opting for the side hustle — an income opportunity on the side.

For some freelancers, the side hustle is a way to pour passion into a side project with the hope it blossoms into more. For others, it’s all about finances; and many are discovering why they should consider a side hustle for additional income.

Those who work in sales are already predisposed toward maximizing income opportunities. Sales reps depend heavily on commission and who wouldn’t love the chance to earn more money? Still, no one wants to work longer or harder for the extra earnings. The right side hustle is all about maximizing what is easily and readily available.

For medical sales reps, there are four side hustles that fit easily into that career path, providing supplemental income based on the daily activities of the job. In other words, here’s how medical sales reps can make even more money with minimal extra output:

Healthcare recruiting

Sales jobs are all about networking. Why not let your existing network and people skills do double duty? Thanks to technology and the popularity of platforms like social media, crowdsourcing has become an increasingly popular and rewarding way for employers and employees to connect. As a recruiter, you simply provide referrals for jobs and then earn rewards as jobs are filled.

Healthcare recruiting platforms like Relode make virtual recruiting easy. Just set up preferences and get notified of jobs that fit. As you spend the day speaking to those in the medical community, you can pass on information to those who are interested without skipping a beat in your daily routine. If they get a job, you get a commission.

Travel consultant

Many in medical sales are traveling frequently to reach their client base. With a basic blog or Instagram account, you can become an influencer in no time. Reviewing restaurants, popular places for entertainment, and even hotels can earn additional income or get you free perks as you go. Offer your services as a travel consultant, which means you offer your expertise for a particular area or region, not the entire world. Travelers love a good consultant and are happy to pay for the confidence of knowing their trip is well planned.

Motivational speaker

If you are in medical sales, then you already know you have the gift of gab. Tap into your inner Tony Robbins and create opportunities to showcase your talent. Develop your ideas, identify your target audience and market yourself as a professional speaker. Use connections within the industry to find conferences, sales meetings, and other business events that rely on motivational speakers for their audiences. Offer to start within your own company and see where you can expand from there.

Sales Coach

Some people are good at selling and others are good at coaching. If you can do both you can make a significant amount of money. While medical sales may have its own lingo, the sales techniques are universal. Offer to coach other salespeople who are just starting or currently struggling, giving advice and tips to help them thrive in their careers. As they find success, your reputation as a coach will grow too.

As a medical sales rep, you are already hustling. Why not use the side hustle as a way to work smarter, not harder?

Do you already have a side hustle or know a great one that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it!

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