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4 Seasonal Tips Proven to Land You A Medical Sales Role


As with many of life’s important milestones, timing may not be everything, but it certainly can help.

Understanding medical sales recruiting cycles and timing your hunt accordingly can give you an edge across many industries. According to, the beginning of the year is the #1 best time to search for a new role. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Hiring managers are present

Hiring, by and large, requires a group of people to come together and come to an agreement. To get the “Yes” and move forward with interviewing and selection, the key players must be available at the same time.  

This time happens to be in the months following the holidays for medical sales, as people have just returned from vacations in December and January. Initiating your job search when decision makers come back refreshed and ready to tackle the new hiring season will likely yield your best chance at garnering interviews for plum medical device and pharma sales roles.

2. You put the brakes on a holiday search . . . they did the same

Many medical sales companies distribute bonuses at year-end. Recognizing this, it’s not uncommon for medical device and pharma companies to hold off on sales hiring efforts until they can fish from the most abundant talent pool.

3. People are ready to put their game plans into action

Once the post-holiday fog has cleared and people have stopped focusing on vacation, holiday parties and the like, people are ready to throw themselves back into a “work” state of mind.

Come February, medical sales hiring picks up quickly and interviews start to happen. As spring approaches, it’s a great time of year to make your move and aim for that medical sales company, product, or disease state that you’ve been dying to get into!

4. Companies are ready to spend on talent

While most companies have completed their annual plans well before the year closes out, the funding to make these plans a reality often does not occur until the New Year.

Early in the first quarter, hiring managers have a strong grasp on how many sales roles they need filled and how much they have to spend. They can post, interview, and hire with confidence.

The bottom line? They’ve been waiting to get jobs filled — and are eager to do so. Now’s your time.

5. Take advantage of timing

This is a great time to go full-throttle on your medical sales job search. Given that competition is steep, put your best foot forward by having done your research, and having a resume and LinkedIn profile that position you optimally.

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