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4 Reasons You Need to Expand Your Medical Sales Talent Search

You’ve spent weeks looking for the right candidate. You want a professional with sales talent and medical sales expertise, but you can’t find any candidates that fit the bill.

How to recruit medical sales talent
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So you move on. You start looking for promising professionals from B2B industries, those who have worked with high value office equipment, and who have experience in other similar industries.

But you still may be missing out on top sales talent. A recent LinkedIn survey found that many professionals are transitioning to jobs in the healthcare industry. Are you overlooking these job seekers because they don’t have medical sales experience?

Although you ideally want candidates who are experienced in medical sales, sometimes you need to think broader and make exceptions for talented individuals. Here are a few reasons to widen your talent search and think outside medical sales:

Sales skills

Sales professionals from other industries may not have the industry experience you’re looking for, but they do have sales skills — and those skills are hard to find. In a survey conducted by Jobvite in July, 56 percent of recruiters surveyed said that the lack of skilled and qualified talent is a major stumbling block in the hiring process.

Consider talented professionals with proven numbers from any industry. Medical sales knowledge can be learned on the job, while sales skills and talent are harder to find and train.

Those with a varied background may be more valuable than those who specialize in one industry. Professionals who have worked successfully in multiple industries have the know-how to learn new knowledge and adapt to new environments quickly.

Industry passion

Although professionals outside of the industry don’t have any experience with medical sales, they are likely switching to the field because they are passionate about it. In the LinkedIn survey, 52 percent of respondents who switched to the healthcare and pharma industries said they did so because it better fit their skills and interests. In addition to being interested in healthcare as a whole, these professionals are interested in your company specifically. In the survey, 47 percent of those who switched to healthcare said they did so because they believed in the company’s direction while 43 percent said they were more proud to work for their new employer.

Sales professionals who lack experience with medical sales, B2B industries, or other high value equipment may make up for it with their passion. Those who are interested in the industry, and are excited about your company and products, may be more motivated to learn the ins and outs of the industry, stay on top of trends, and perform well.

Outside perspective

Sales professionals who have never worked in medical sales will think differently from your seasoned veterans — and that’s a good thing.

Sales professionals trained to work in other industries will approach problems with a new perspective. Their outside point of view can help bring new and fresh ideas to the sales team and help develop different strategies. Their outside experience can be used as a strength and bring benefits to the sales team.

Leadership experience

Good leaders are hard to find. In fact, the Global Workforce Leadership survey conducted by Workplace Trends in February and March found that almost half of the companies surveyed said that leadership is the most difficult skill to find in employees.

Don’t limit your ability to find the best leaders for your medical sales team. Instead of exclusively looking for the top medical sales talent, widen your search to include sales professionals from any industry with exceptional leadership skills. Talented sales professionals who are strong leaders are a great find, despite their background.

You won’t always find the perfect blend of medical sales experience and sales skills, and you will have to make exceptions for professionals without related experience. Focus on the big picture skills you need to find talent you can transform into medical sales pros.

Have you hired professionals without medical sales experience? Did they work out?