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4 Points to Consider Before Paying a Professional to Write Your Medical Sales Resume


Having made my career working with job seekers to create career marketing tools (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc.), there are two things I know for certain. First, not everyone needs to have their documents professionally written. Second, I am not the ideal writer for every person who contacts me.

By and large, I tend to work with clients who are up against a competitive market or a ticking clock. They often have not needed a resume for years (if ever!), are contemplating a major career shift, or are not seeing results with their DIY efforts.

Whatever your situation, it important to recognize that, should you decide you’d like to work with someone, selecting a writer who is a good fit for you is critical — especially if you’re looking for a job within the medical sales industry.  

So, here are four factors to take into consideration when evaluating your options:

1. Certification

Like other industries, there are several organizations that credential resume writers. While each organization has different requirements, at least going through an organization can help you to narrow down your pool of vetted candidates.

Perform a quick search under “resume + writing + associations.”  These associations have directories that list writer profiles for your review. Further narrow your search by typing in “health care,” “pharma,” or “medical device” and “sales” to find someone who understands your industry.

The better they understand the industry, the better your chances will be at crafting a top-notch medical sales resume and landing the job.

2. Methodology

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to resume writing approaches and what works best for your needs.

How do you feel about filling out a list of questions? How quickly do you need a final product? Must your writer be located near your home? Would you prefer they have experience in or knowledge about medical sales?

Figure out your non-negotiables and must-haves, and find a writer who meets them before signing on.

3. Recommendations and Samples

Hiring a stranger to share the intimate details of your career highs and lows can be a scary proposition. Seeing previous examples of their work and learning about the experiences of others can help you feel more at ease.

Ask trusted friends for names of qualified candidates, and look for reviews via LinkedIn, websites, Yelp, and/or Google. Don’t be afraid to ask for past samples, particularly any that relate to medical sales — and walk away from a firm that is unwilling to share any.

4. Budget

Just like with everything — from car purchases to eating out to investing in home remodels or buying a house — the cost of working with a writer or firm to develop a resume varies.

Factors to consider in the fees include the level of expertise of the writer, the level of experience of the client, the city in which the writer and client are located, as well as the complexity of the task at hand.

Before making any decisions, evaluate these points and consider interviewing writers, as part of competitive and comparison shopping.

Partnering with a professional to craft career marketing tools is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Should you decide to explore this option, do your homework and know your deal breakers.

What are some other things to consider before hiring a professional to craft your medical sales resume?

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